IGTV: How To Create Custom Image in Photoshop

IGTV: How To Create Custom Image in Photoshop

IGTV: How To Create Custom Image in Photoshop

IGTV = Instagram TV

Note: You can follow these guidelines using Canva or GIMP or PicMonkey, etc.

For a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud/Photoshop:

Download Free Cover Template Photoshop File:

This tutorial will show you all the dimensions and best practices for designing a custom thumbnail image for your IGTV Videos.

IGTV Video & Cover Requirements (Instagram Help Center):

How To Create IGTV Cover Image in Photoshop CC:
Create New Document:
420 pixels wide by 654 pixels Tall. 72 ppi

Create Margin Guides:
.40 “ on all sides
Keep important text and graphics away from the edges (inside the margin guides)

Note: Background image or color should cover the whole document

Placeholders (Always visible on IGTV):
Duration of Video in Upper Right
Title (2 lines of text)
Profile Picture bottom left
Profile Name

Export Custom Thumbnail as JPEG

How To Upload:
1. AirDrop to iPhone (Macs) & Upload on IGTV
2. Upload in Browser

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