Corporate 3DS Max Training in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary

3DS Max The leader in 3D animation and rendering
It remains an excellent tool for making animations. And an indispensable partner for everything that is computer graphics. This software provides faultless support to professionals in both the cinema and the world of communication. Thanks to this training, it is a great impact you will have in Montreal or even beyond. However, if you are already in the field and already know some stuff with the 3D Max training in Calgary, you will enjoy professional development in order to better understand the features of the software.


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Modeling 3D corporate training Calgary and Vancouver

Through this workshop, you can create animations with pretty 3D renderings classes. You can also learn to illuminate scenes to create highly realistic renderings and any static or animated animation. Therefore, the beginner will understand how to make images or 3D reliefs for digital games.

COURSE for architect 3D Rendering and Modeling

Private Classes 3D Studio Max Autodesk

    • Explanation of everything about the world of 3D
    • Gerneral Overview on the Software 3D Max interface
    • Establishment and detailed explanation of the installation steps
    • Perform various settings relative to your computer hardware

Summary of the functions of the interface

    • Understanding the entire organization toolbars
    • How to recognize the control panels?
    • What are the options annex and other interfaces of the software?

Manage Files

    • Continuous training on file management
    • How to import and export 3DS Max files?
    • What are the parameters of the 3D format?
    • How to manage external objects?
    • How to prepare media?

Creating, Editing, Texture

    • How is editing objectsis done?
    • Notions of primitive, of complicated objects and composite objects
    • Selecting objects
    • Modifiers objects
    • Notions of textures
    • Creating material
    • Conduct a mapping
    • Understanding the splines
    • Coaching on the different forms and different objects
    • The various channels used for textures

To understand the environment of animation

    • How to place the objects on the scene?
    • Placing cameras on the animation scene
    • How to get a good rendering static or 3D ?
    • Notions of atmospheric effects
    • How to engage the different trajectories and deformations of objects ?

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To help you further , training onsite might be ideal especially in Laval or Longueuil. In addition, a seminar onsite with a teacher would be ideal. It will give you enough hints and tips 3D while teaching you the basics .