Corporate Photoshop classes in EdmontonAdobe Photoshop workshop in Calgary

JFL-Media offers great private courses for Adobe Photoshop users that wish to push themselves to the next level or even to beginners. Photoshop is a software where you can edit pictures, logos, create banners and do lots more and this for your own business or hobby.


This Adobe Photoshop class will make you a complete Photoshop user for creating, editing, or change anything you need to in your work or home projects. Students will learn how to open their images in Photoshop and edit them. Students will also learn how to use editing tools to crop, paste, draw, paint, airbrush, ‘stamp’, ‘smudge’, and ‘dodge’ a photograph.

Course Content  

  • Open Photoshop projects
  • Edit pictures
  • Learn how to use the cropping tools
  • How to make a banner
  • Change colors
  • How to make templates for a website
  • Make special effects
  • Understand bitmap and vector
  • Explore the different image formats


Photoshop training in Toronto