Brief Description of Adobe Contribute Ontario

This course aims to help webmasters in managing Web development using Adobe Contribute. Adobe Contribute course is ideal for those wishing to know how to create and edit Web pages, even with minimal knowledge in this field. Also, thanks to this course, participants will perform maintenance of websites using this software.


Enabling the student to understand the principles of interactive communication via the Web, so the person is able to target the real needs regarding the website to manage and make the updates, thanks to Adobe Contribute.

Course Content

. Set up a website with Contribute

. Set permissions for different types of users

. Create access keys for different users

. Connect to a website via Contribute

. Understand the creative process and architecture of websites

. Text formatting

. Insert images

. Create and edit links

. Create FlashPaper

. Edit metadata

. Publish to a website



This customized course on Adobe Contribute takes into consideration your skills, your knowledge and you learning goals.



This customized training on Adobe Contribute will effectively meet your needs and offer the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of web authoring and content management, at your own pace. The flexible schedule is planned according to your availability.