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This course aims to help webmasters to manage the web publishing with Adobe Contribute, this tool that integrates reviewing, authoring, and publishing.The Adobe Contribute course is ideal for business people who must acquire the ability to create and edit web pages, even with little background in the field of website development. Also, thanks to this course, participants will learn to do the maintenance of websites using this software.


Enabling students to understand internet and the perspectives for interactive communication via the web, so they are able to target their real needs for their online productions and make the necessary updates, using Adobe Contribute.

Course content

  • Setting up a website with Contribute
  • Setting permissions for different types of users
  • Creating access keys for different users
  • Connecting to a website via Contribute
  • Understanding the process of creation and architecture of websites
  • Formatting text
  • Inserting images
  • Creating and editing links
  • Creating the FlashPaper
  • Editing the meta data
  • Publishing to a website


Minimal knowledge of the internet and the computer.

Teaching approach

This Adobe Contribute course is based on a personalized approach that takes into consideration your skills, your projects and what you want to learn.

Documents or material provided

  • Computers
  • Softwares
  • Technical support

Documents or material to bring

  • USB key
  • Paper, pencils
  • Your ideas


This private Adobe Contribute training truly responds to your needs and provides the opportunity to deepen your knowledge at your own pace. The flexible schedule is planned in accordance to your availability.


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Ottawa : 613 366-1743

Toronto : 416 907-8551

Calgary: 403 536-0703

Vancouver: 778 785-2229

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