Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Torturer Exposed

Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Torturer Exposed

The purpose of this video is to educate the public about animal abuse and those who commit it. It is not intended to be shocking or sensational.

This is a reloaded video, originally uploaded a few years ago. For about a year, the Philadelphia Gun Club appeared to end its live pigeon shoots. The shooting has restarted, and so deleted videos are also returning.

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  1. stephen hash
    stephen hash says:

    Thanks Mr. Bone for the post. It continues to amaze me how there seems to be a never ending stream of cruel hearted individuals that exhibit sociopathic tendencies, willing to trap, torture and ultimately kill helpless "prey". Their actions are horrendous and unfathomable. I keep my fingers crossed in hope your videos will continue to expose these "people" and ultimately put an end to this behavior. I will, however, not hold my breath. Please keep up the excellent work. I appreciate the heck out of you guys and gals at shark. Thanks!

  2. Dances with Kitty Cats
    Dances with Kitty Cats says:

    i remember the first time you put this video up, i said the guy was probly a cop and turns out, he was a cop.

  3. ATCkeepsUsafe
    ATCkeepsUsafe says:

    I live about (5) miles from Toyota of Huntington which is located in Huntington, NY on Long Island in Suffolk County. I also live eight (8) miles from the Kerry Rose Foundation located in Commack that is also in Suffolk County. To the west is Nassau County. I will volunteer and make an effort to visit the Kerry Rose Foundation three times a week as it is a short drive from my company to see if I can spot the car in the parking lot, I will also speak to the staff if they can Identifie the owner of the Toyota additionally, I live minutes away from Toyota Of Huntington where I have my Toyota Corolla maintained because it is still under warranty. I will try to get information on the owner of the Toyota with the bumber stickers. I will show them a photograph of the car. I have excellent rapport with the staff. I will do my best, but it will likely be difficult to get personal information out of the employees, but I have my ways of coaxing people to give me information. Hopefully, I will succeed?

  4. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    Wow this is really really really disturbing. Why would anyone do this? Regardless of how you may disagree with others abusing animals is not okay at all.

  5. Jeremy Sammons
    Jeremy Sammons says:

    Is what they’re doing illegal? No? Leave em alone. You don’t have to agree with what people legally partake in. You absolutely have the right to protest. I just think you’re protesting the wrong group of people. As long as it’s legal, they will continue to do this. You’re waisting your time. Now , if you protest to the lawmakers in your district, you can try to get it made illegal. I don’t know one thing about pigeon killing. I’m guessing they eat them and/or it’s population control. Either way it’s legal and this is still America, where you have the right to mind your business.

  6. InMyShoes; WheelsOptional
    InMyShoes; WheelsOptional says:

    jesus… his actions and words just made shivers run through my entire body… his moans immediately made me think he’s almost getting off on torturing the animal and also SHARK… I’m glad these videos are coming back up as I just had no idea it was this sick and it just needs to be stopped and these people genuinely need to be charged for the acts of cruelty and especially since it’s breaking the law… I just can’t…

  7. JohnMichael Molinares
    JohnMichael Molinares says:

    He’s an attorney / accountant from New York and travels great distances to hunt though not limited to payin Big Monies to be able to show the hate of this World

  8. Leif Holm
    Leif Holm says:

    I guess that those idiots are unable to hit clay targets.
    I say put the idiots in a catapult and fire away! They are a disgrace to humanity.
    The juridical systems are a highly corrupted disgrace of low life creatures.
    The world is watching and US is not great at all.

  9. Randy H.
    Randy H. says:

    As a retired LEO from NY and a conservative Republican I will tell you guys that I hope you keep up the fight. This garbage is disgusting. I don’t understand pigeon shooting…not even a little bit. Shoot skeet, shoot reactive targets, but don’t raise animals just to freaking shoot them for fun. Unreal.

  10. Libertine Rising
    Libertine Rising says:

    Those pigeon shooters are some sick cowardly mofos ….. I bet that one abuses dogs and cats too🐶🐱….. I hope they keep him away from small children, barn animals , and fresh produce 🍆🍉……

  11. Djms&capo DeMorais
    Djms&capo DeMorais says:

    Subhumans in corrupt countries like USA have lower morals than a CHINESE nasty destructive termite burning,skinning,cooking,torturing Dogs,cats,rabbits etc ALIVE.
    HATE THEM CURSE THEM to suffer all their lives..
    Curses only work if you HATE someone with a passion.

  12. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    I commend you on your thorough documentation, without the ancillary audio I feel despite your dauntless record of ethics you would have been written off. When you listen to the audio it’s really really offensive behavior. Something to think about maybe taking high quality digital audio recorders with you is a smart move esp on areas that prevent video recording. This video is really disconcerting… This guy found the ability to torture a live animal in front of activists simply to conflate agitation. Whoever this is deserves to face the consequences for this illegal behavior.

  13. oncenterline
    oncenterline says:

    Let this be a lesson to all you parents out there that think you have no effect on your young children. Abusing children is one way to create a monster who takes pleasure in acting out aggression by hurting animals or other people who are different or weaker than them. Damaged people who are called “cowards”.

  14. ampoules1
    ampoules1 says:

    These animal abusers are the same people who pick up drug addicted prostitutes before going home to their wife and kids. They feed off the hell of the poor.

  15. Timelessmusic Familymusic
    Timelessmusic Familymusic says:

    These pigeons🕊 must think humans are the most evil creatures on earth🌎. You know what? I can say that I don’t disagree with what there actually thinking.😏


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