Like the color like a Pro Incredible Adobe Photoshop-Tutorial

Like the color like a Pro – Amazing Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Hey there! Today, the bonus lesson, which is, at the request of many of our fans, if here. We use Adobe Photoshop to change the color of all of our designs, but you can many other similar free software such as Gimp.

If you have never worked with Photoshop before then don’t worry. We will guide you through all the steps, from the import of the pictures that can be colored, step-by-step.

Our techniques are simple enough for beginners, as well as for the artists and the young children. We also have a large selection of step-by-step instructions for drawing all your favorite characters from Marvel, Disney, video games, Anime, cartoon series, and much more.

You need a graphics tablet? Try the Wacom Intuos Comic pen-and finger input. Its pure and affordable tablet for anyone who wants to learn on the it-diagram. You can order your tablet here:

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Pokemon Characters
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The Characters In This Game Video
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Anime Characters
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Heroes & Villains
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Beginners Courses Art
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We also supply the speed of the draw insight into our past lessons, so that you can get a quick overview.
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