How To Create an email Signature With logo | Gmail

How To Create an email Signature With logo | Gmail

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In This Tutorial, I will show you how to create an email signature in Photoshop and set it on your gmail account using Microsoft Office. Having your own signature at the end of your emails is a great way to leave a professional impression. No matter what type of business you are in, having an email signature is the perfect way to sign off. Join us as we take you step by step through the entire process.

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16 replies
  1. LarsErikNYC
    LarsErikNYC says:

    Wow, while I give you credit for wanting to share your knowledge with others, this tutorial has some major flaws. First of all, it is difficult to understand what you are saying because of your accent. Add to that the fact that you keep the background music playing the entire time, and it becomes almost impossible to understand you. Suggest you not use background music in future tutorials.

  2. The Opinionated Muse Podcast
    The Opinionated Muse Podcast says:

    Turn off the music, turn up your voice volume and speak clearly. PROOF your work before publishing.

  3. Nahid Hasan
    Nahid Hasan says:

    Nice video, you can try wisestamp, this is the best tool I have ever used so far, I always drive some cross sell by my email signature. Recently I have created one video on that topic too. Hope you will like that.


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