How to Create 3D Objects With Python And Blender

How to Create 3D Objects With Python And Blender

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In this tutorial I will teach you how to create 3D objects with Python is the free 3D software Blender!

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  1. dudebot
    dudebot says:

    This is awesome! I just got started tinkering with Blender a few weeks ago to pump some things through a 3D printer, and the learning curve of selection / intersection / manipulation / etc, I kept on thinking "man, i wish i could just programatically do this," but put it off because I thought the integration would be awkward. Never thought the terminal would be *inside* blender…

    Time to make some data driven objects…

  2. Nico Autia
    Nico Autia says:

    Awesome tutotial, thanks!
    Is it a certain program you use to display the keys and mouse actions on screen?

  3. David Boura
    David Boura says:

    This! watch?v=pL49LWkCzm4 (Supinfocom "Loop" animation)
    I was in 3dsmax at that time wondering how to make those animated objects. I still do in Blender. And what an motivating introduction to Python it’d be!

  4. Kimera
    Kimera says:

    This is scary territory.
    I remember firs trying Blender and the UI scared me, what are all this buttons for?, how do I even edit this cube?, how to I turn this cube into a Katana?, few months later I modeled my first Katana.

    But I was still afraid of Cycles, how do you even arrange those nodes? that do they even mean?, few months later and a lot of tutorials (including yours) and and I was in awe at the possibilities, how did I lived without Cycles?.

    But I was still afraid of the compositor. I never used the compositor before, then I give it a try and omg the possibilities, how did I even lived without using the compositor?.

    But I’m still afraid of the python scripts, so many variables… time to watch some tutorials.


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