Digital Marketing – Online Digital Marketing Course – Digital Marketing Tutorial for beginners

Digital Marketing – Online Digital Marketing Course – Digital Marketing Tutorial for beginners – Digital Marketing Orientation Session – Learn the Fundamental Concepts of Digital Marketing. In this session you will learn about the basic concepts, strategies, benefits and goals in digital marketing. Like, Comment and Share video with friends!

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is a marketing approach to target the audience using the Internet. Any users connected with laptops, smartphones, smart TV or tabs are considered as a digital audience, whom we reach with Digital Marketing.

Trainer: Mohammed Azharuddin, Who has 9+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and Web Technologies.

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50 replies
    JR MALER says:

    Very specifically this is a 1.30 hour long DIGITAL MARKETING of the particular course of Digital Marketing By Web Trainings. But for sure, it is well described marketing attempt.

  2. Ghouse Khan
    Ghouse Khan says:

    What is the educational qualification required for digital marketing? Any particular degree or something or nothing.pls reply!

  3. vanita pawar
    vanita pawar says:

    Hello Mohammed,

    I am a 36 yr old physically challenged lady. Learning digital marketing from Pune. I have a query hope you’ll able to answer.
    Do you think that getting job after a course its easy for every digital marketing student.
    and is there any age criteria for getting job in digital marketing sector.
    and is it beneficial for every age of person.

    please share your positive feedback asap.

  4. Dola Chakraborty
    Dola Chakraborty says:

    hello sir, i visited your website and watched your video. I am fresher from ECE, want to start my career in Digital Marketing. what should I do? do any programming skill need for Digital marketing? I want to learn all about digital marketing. like what they do. how they do.. I mean all. I am from Kolkata. What is right for me?

  5. Prakhar Saxena
    Prakhar Saxena says:

    dear sir,
    i am 3 year computer science student and i am doing my internship in digital marketing ,i want to know it is good for getting placement in compus company.

  6. Ajifolokun niyi
    Ajifolokun niyi says:

    Hello, My name is Niyi from Nigeria. I have watched your video, infact i learn alot from the video. How can i get the full video, so that i can be an online marketer

    SANTHOSH C C says:

    Thousands hearts thanks to you. I wish to go a digital media avertisemet. So please share your very valuble advice towars me and new notifican i would like

  8. Sandip Dutta
    Sandip Dutta says:

    Thanks, bro, you have done an excellent job. I’m really impressed by your nice way of representation.


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