Blender 2.8 New Features : Multiple Object Editing

Blender 2.8 New Features : Multiple Object Editing

This is a new Blender 2.8 video tutorial boaut the next feature Multiple Object editing.

It is possible now that you can slect and edit meshes (faces, edges, vertices) of many separate object by just selecting the objects in object mode and then switching to edit mode.

Also UV unwraping can be done for multiple object with Blender 2.8.

Of coure it is a developer’s verion, very experimental, you an download it here:

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  1. juliandarley
    juliandarley says:

    thanks for this. being able to do multiple UVs at once looks fantastic! i know it doesn’t quite work that way yet, but still, it will soon, i am sure. i can see this also enabling a whole new cadre of add-ons, too.

  2. Rogel Salaysay
    Rogel Salaysay says:

    please note PACK ALGORITHM (not pack only on the boundary but literally near uv islands) there was a lot of addon like ipackthat, shotpacker but some user has no access to buy this tools I hope blender can have this tool inside. nonetheless everything is inside is good to go, eevee, node, also take note I hope they can adjust naming convention inside that we can have two different mesh with the same name don’t let data ruined .001 for you.

    1. uv pack (max can pack really nice inside not on addon)
    2. naming
    this is important may be for me. but also when baking in substance painter.

  3. Mitsuma's Animation and Stuff
    Mitsuma's Animation and Stuff says:

    Granted I’m not hugely into texturing/UV mapping what a real use cases for multi editing where I wouldn’t just use a mirror modifier (to get this very simple example with two cubes)?
    I never felt like I really have to be in edit mode in multiple objects at the same time. At best I can currently say it could save some tab pressing but I genuinely are curious what uses this has or if its just a personal preference thing.

  4. jo gogo
    jo gogo says:

    at last! btw this mentioned below addon is shit. I had many problems with it and ended up using merge to one object 😀


    There’s currently an addon that can do that, but still, it’s nice to have it implemented as an official feature!

  6. LolerzDev
    LolerzDev says:

    This looks awesome. The multiple UV editing was still confusing tho. What if your objects are all different?


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