Adobe Illustrator is a program commonly used by professionals such as Web masters , graphic designers , or even art directors . Indeed, it is a complete software that provides everything needed to create dazzling graphics. Only it is not only used by professionals , as some enthusiasts also are interested more and more. To allow these beginners understand the basics and to get out well , these courses on Adobe Illustator were well fortified . In fact, this continuing education inculcates fundamental things so that the beginner who embarks on Illustrator is well armed. Moreover, in the case of a company, a business coaching is also provided in the training program .


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Training objectives

This workshop will be involved in the general presentation of Adobe Illustrator, but especially to its complete understanding so that you can create graphics for any project related to the video or web

Prior requirements

To be able to use a computer

Software Overview

    • Understanding the interface of Adobe Illustrator Application
    • Distinguish menus
    • Understanding dialogs
    • Understand operating tools
    • Locate pallets , layers , zoom, pins
    • Understand the rules , the unit , the display
    • Choose your working preferences.
    • Master the basics of Software

Explanation of the basics of vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator

    • Definition of vector graphics in Illustrator
    • Recognize all vector shapes
    • The various techniques
    • Drawing tools : pen, pencil, brush, rounding
    • Include all types of paths
    • Personal development on Bezier curves concepts

Manage Objects

    • Make contours
    • Able to superimpose Plans
    • Associate certain objects and others
    • Lock or hide objects in your workspace
    • Erect its benchmark
    • conversions
    • Usage traces and typography
    • Attachment points of the traces
    • selection
    • transformation
    • deformation
    • Dialog box
    • Contextual menu
    • Design Tools
    • Forms of traces
    • Text Templates
    • Layout
    • vectorization
    • Use Layers
    • overlays
    • nesting
    • stacks

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To further assist you , seminar and even a conference will be organized with experts in Gatineau , to enable you to better understand the scope of the course. Also, if you need private or private lesson course on Adobe illustrator , you can trust the trainers.


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