Brief Description After Effect for private training in Vancouver

Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software. You can use After Effects’ comprehensive and powerful tools to create dynamic designs for any type of video and motion picture production. This private training on Adobe After Effects will allow you to comprehend the key concepts and master the features you need to successfully realize your projects. In accordance to your initial skill level, the course content includes many beginner or advanced tips and tricks, using the latest edition or a previous version.


This hands-on Adobe After Effects training enables the student to create motion graphics and visual effects. This private course provide with all the practical knowledge necessary to make or enhance videos or movies. The instructor adjusts his teaching to his client’s goals, in order to favor his personal or professional advancement.

Course Content

. The After Effects workspace;
. The attributes of the timeline window;
. The basics of keyframe animation;
. Artistic possibilities of the software;
. Modes, masks and track mattes;
. Importation and rendering, etc.

Pedagogical Approach

This private course on After Effects is based on a personalized and practical approach that takes into consideration your knowledge, your skills, your projects and your learning goals.

Material provided

. Laptop
. Software
. Technical support

Material to bring

. USB key
. Paper and pencils
. Your projects, your ideas


This After Effects private course teaches your to create special effects for your video productions. The course truly meets your specific needs in this matter. This customized course offers you the opportunity to further your knowledge of video editing, at your own pace. The flexible schedule is planned in accordance to your availability.


Calgary : 403 536-0703

Vancouver : 778 785-2229

Toronto : 416 907-8551

Ottawa : 613 366-1743

Montreal : 514 448-0883

Quebec : 418 478-1647