5 MINUTE GUIDE: How to retouch photos in Photoshop CC

5 MINUTE GUIDE: How to retouch photos in Photoshop CC

Learn the five essential steps to retouching any portrait in Photoshop in this fast-paced tutorial!
We’ll cover a very fast outline of the process I like to use when retouching portrait photos in Photoshop. From Camera RAW, color temperature, and toning, all the way to frequency separation, getting rid of flyaway hairs, sharpening, and color treatments.


00:28 Step 1: Camera RAW + Color & Tone
01:30 Step 2: Pixel Pushing – Liquify, Manipulations, Background
01:51 Step 3: Retouch Features (Skin, Eyes, Brows, Hair, etc…)
04:44 Step 4: Dodging & Burning (Tastefully)
05:28 Step 5: Toning & Colors, Sharpening, Grain


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50 replies
  1. Hakan Durgut
    Hakan Durgut says:

    I like your fast tutorials… others still have to mention what a layer mask does in an advanced tutorial, i have to skip 10 secs each time

  2. Jenny Gavin-Wear
    Jenny Gavin-Wear says:

    Wow. Can you explain why you handle 8 bit and 16 bit images differently for frequency separation, please?
    Awesome video thank you.

  3. Jan J. van den Berg
    Jan J. van den Berg says:

    I follow already a long time and most of the time I am capable to follow your speed and I say thank you for that.. But this video is just a show of your knowledge. I think that most people want to learn en want to follow the cursor. I think it is not wise  to show the retouching as fast as you speak. That speed is alread fast.For the rest I say thank you for your many helpfull video’s.

  4. Ángel Jiménez Aguado
    Ángel Jiménez Aguado says:

    Too fast! The tutorials should be for non experts, and for us it’s to hard following you at that speed 😅. But thanks anyway.

  5. Tammam Aloudat
    Tammam Aloudat says:

    I could only catch up with some stuff because I have seen the techniques in other videos… so this was great to know the full steps you would use… however, I missed a lot despite watching the video twice especially on pasting layers from outside. This would have been even better if it was a 15 minute video

  6. Kenneth Howell
    Kenneth Howell says:

    nathaniel, nice video, and true to form, at warp speed. soon, you’ll do it two minutes. i just did my first portrait retouch an it took hours. i would like to see a step five break-out video at a somewhat pedestrian pace. thanks.

  7. markie polo
    markie polo says:

    I refuse to pay a rental fee to Adobe…already paid buckets of money for stand alone and upgrades…sick of these blood sucking thieves! Try Affinity…upgrades for life

  8. Doug Temlett
    Doug Temlett says:

    Thanks for this informative video. Curious about how long this whole process would actually take it in real time.. I could see it taking me a whole lot longer, lol.

  9. Rob Fielding
    Rob Fielding says:

    As others have said … much too fast. It’s not really a 5 minute tutorial ! There’s enough material here for an hours video. People like me need to have the techniques explained far more slowly and fully with WHY you are doing the various tweaks

  10. Kate Dumas
    Kate Dumas says:

    Hi! I’m a new sub and loved this tutorial as I am pretty good at photoshop and learned a lot of basics in high school/college. I kept up until the point where you started using the high and low layers and tweaking them and I’d love to see a bit more of an in depth video on everything after this point. Also why you did something what your creative flow/thought process was to doing each step of the stylizing would be an awesome video. Thank you for your tutorial and all the hard work you put into this channel, I really appreciate it!

  11. Yehoshua Derovan
    Yehoshua Derovan says:

    Am I the only one who watches you on 1.25x speed?? Lol!! Also, I’d love to see a video about that brush for the hair filling. Thanks, man, you’re a blast!!

  12. Niklas Lill
    Niklas Lill says:

    Great Video

    I always learn something new with your Videos, this Time 50%Grey on Hi Layer
    Makes absolutely sense but I never thought about using

  13. Gideon PE / KE
    Gideon PE / KE says:

    Even when pausing it’s difficult to follow the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of each step. You say something like "I will add X effect" and then move on, without explaining what the best way to use the effect is. And the biggest disappointment is when you pasted-in adjustment layers and used color lookup tables. Like.. great. Where do we find these layers or go about creating them for ourselves for personal practice? Marketing (with the title) this vid as a "5 Minute" guide implies these will be simple to find, easy to follow; hard to do either of those when we don’t have the same setup or experience as you do. The speed isn’t really the big issue, it’s that a few things aren’t explained, just done. That’s not really a "Guide", but a timelapse of your process.

    "I’m painting the trunk and now you see me paint the leaves and now we’re done. This has been my 5 Minute Tree Drawing Guide."

  14. parsleybrain
    parsleybrain says:

    First thanks for sharing! This is lots of useful content. I only wish you’d slow down a bit. You rattle off so much information in just a few minutes, without periods or commas. The brain needs a little time to process.

  15. Lvcky
    Lvcky says:

    Thats alot of information lol really enjoyed this tho, its something i struggle a little bit with is retouching photos. Im pretty new so its just practice i guess, thanks for sharing this.

  16. Harjot Singk
    Harjot Singk says:

    Woooow! Great video tutvid! Always great content!
    If you guys are interested in TRAVEL and PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY (or in photography in general) fell free to check out my Instagram| @harjotsingk
    Also Happy Holidays everyone, stay blessed! <3

  17. JJ
    JJ says:

    I’d love to get in depth with this but I’m still fairly new to PS and photography and everything was flying by me but I enjoyed the video. Hope to keep practicing and learn what you are talking about to apply it one day. Right now I just stick to basic edits in LR as needed

  18. R Garlin
    R Garlin says:

    Retouching at 800mph – I love it (and I mean both the speed and the insights!) Thanks a lot, ND.
    (p.s. Make a comprehensive tutorial covering every step you took here, in detail – package it as a course – and I’ll be your first customer for it!)


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