1. Social Network Website Building Tutorial Series Intro and Template Production

1. Social Network Website Building Tutorial Series Intro and Template Production

Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP/Introduction-and-Building-the-Design-Template
Web Intersect 2.0 part 1. Learn to build a social networking website from scratch. All new software systems and scripting approaches for 2013. All of the technologies we are using are free and open source(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL). This first video in the series runs through a quick introduction then jumps right into constructing your website design template system that passes HTML5 and CSS validation.

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  1. Trevor Hanes
    Trevor Hanes says:

    Hi Adam, great video, I was wondering if you had a copy of the code that I may be able to download, thanks a bunch. eh Hoser LOL 🙂

    ABHILASH a.k.a RYDER HBK says:

    thank you for uploading very knowledgeable videos … really helped me alot …
    i need some help in making privacy setting like privacy on photos , videos , bio/info etc etc.
    please make the 16th video on this playlist …

  3. Nilesh Chatre
    Nilesh Chatre says:

    for web development are you uses frameworks like Laravel, codeIgniter, zend , cakephp?… or you don’t use framworks…

  4. Pehchan lifestyle
    Pehchan lifestyle says:

    dear i am the subscribers of your channel i had a problems in my social design i don’t have your email to contact or send my file in zip ext.can you please send me the whol file of social network design on my email or contact on my email just your name Adam then will send my whol file to you that can solve my problems……contact with me on my email please…..amirkhanx4@gmail.com

  5. Lebrec Hanson
    Lebrec Hanson says:

    Dude. This reminds me of watching guitar tutorials and feeling like I should just quit because I’ll never be as good as this part-time teacher on youtube haha. Absolutely fantastic tutorials broseph stalin. I learned so much in just the first tutorial and I am excited to continue! You are obviously a professional web developer…did you learn these skills on the job or mostly on your own? How long have you been programming for the web? Do you work for a company full-time? I am just curious because it would be refreshing to hear that you are a PRO, and I actually have a chance to learn and get a job as a web developer. If your just a hobbyist, then I’ll cry.

  6. neville2312
    neville2312 says:

    Can you send me your graphics used in this template as I do not have access to a fireworks and I don’t really want to make them. Thank you so much! 🙂 Oh and do you have a tutorial for a login system where you can edit, ban, add users with an admin section. If you don’t have a tutorial can you please make one that is easy to understand using PHP and phpmyadmin for database management. Do not use laravel as I have had a very hard time installing it. Please also use encrypted hash with 4096 bit encryption (It would be better if it uses 8192 bit).Thank you so much, I would reeeeaaaaallllyyyyy love a login system that is secure, cannot be hacked by sql injection, with 2 step auth and an amazing admin section that allows you to manage it all) Oh and can you also add user groups. 😀

    Thank you so much. Your tutorials are amazing!

    I use wamp btw

  7. Shaun Goh
    Shaun Goh says:

    I just came back here looking for the previous version of this series. i wan to thank you for making this video. It inspire me to become a IT student and a programmer. My life had change so much since I first saw your social network course back in 2011 … Thank you very much.. seriously..

  8. E
    E says:

    Hi Adam I understand that you finished this tutorial series some time ago
    However I have found it very useful.

    A question though is there a simple way to make galleries private.
    I have completed your tutorial
    And all is working well thank you
    But it seems very easy to get to other people’s galleries without any permission

  9. Ajit Mutalik
    Ajit Mutalik says:

    These videos are probably the best tutorials on youtube, thanks man i will keep learning from your channel! 😀

  10. pavan krishna
    pavan krishna says:

    Do you suggest building social networking site from scratch or using platforms like elgg or socialengine as they provide most of the features and will save a lot of time ?

  11. alvin yasifa
    alvin yasifa says:

    thank you sir for your tutorial ….!
    i hope you add again your video tutorial for social media…
    thank you

  12. Ben Woods
    Ben Woods says:

    I don’t normally post comments on videos but for you i had to make an exception, the 15 tutorials you have made have helped me dramatically to improve my coding skills. All of the tutorials you made have been the best quality that I’ve seen on YouTube. Thanks again for helping me to create a social media site and for anyone new to finding this series I highly recommend you watch all 15. Thank you Adam, your awesome.

  13. KingRamiel
    KingRamiel says:

    I wish you would be my teacher in college. Our lab instructor just assigns us projects and we just blindly go through it with little to no information.

  14. Take-Alook Productions
    Take-Alook Productions says:

    the css is not working when i click "ctrl s" it not responding i ave newly installed adobe dreamviewer cs5 please tell to set settings?

  15. Damian O'Connor
    Damian O'Connor says:

    Great Job this has been a great help, i have a request tho, i would like the opportunity to can create groups on the website

  16. Robi tops
    Robi tops says:

    Please let me solve this:

    when I include head section with links then my page in sub folder did not get style any more. What is the best way to solve this??

  17. Alien Oid
    Alien Oid says:

    Just started learning code and i guess a social network is the most complex form of web development. Could u please tell me which languages hv u used here so i get a grip on them before i get into this?
    Also i’ve done introductory courses on html/css, javascript, angular js, php n sql. I was getting into rails next and i heard rails is like javascrpit, angular n php combined, is that true?
    would really appreciate your help. Thanks!


    hy Adam Khoury I need a small guide line related to password policy application in PHP can you send me your email to contect

  19. Kevin Wiens
    Kevin Wiens says:

    Agreed I have used many of Adam’s codes of all types, however especially to hone my PHP skills and practice over and over again..Adam you rock my friend..I have yet to find code that does not work!! Thanks!


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