Photoshop Tutorial – Masking the Cityscape

Photoshop Tutorial – Masking the Cityscape

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In this video, Mahalo’s Photoshop expert Justin Zagri demonstrates how to mask the buildings in a cityscape image.

Photoshop Tutorial – Masking the Cityscape

Over the next few tutorials, you are going to isolate the buildings in a cityscape image, move it over to the movie poster you’re making and change the colors and elements of the buildings to make the city look dilapidated, isolated and destroyed.

Begin by selecting the Crop Tool from the left side tool bar so you can crop your image down to contain only what you’re going to use.

Tighten up the crop around the part of the image you wish to select and press Enter.

Now you’re going to use different tools to isolate the different images and create a vector mask. A vector mask is basically an area of your image that you are choosing to isolate. You can then take that image and add it to your movie poster, but the difference is if you want to make changes to the image itself when it’s placed in your movie poster, you cannot. 

Use the Rectangle Tool to cover up the buildings.

Right-click on the Background layer in the Layers panel and choose Layer From Background to make your background image a layer.

Title it something like Cityscape.

You’ll then want to create a Vector Mask because of all the straight corners and angles of your masks. Navigate to the icon at the bottom of the Layers panel, press and hold Ctrl/Command and click the button called Add layer mask. When you hold down Ctrl/Command it will turn into Add vector mask, which is what you want. 

Now, you can start using the Shape and Pen Tools to subtract from the areas you don’t want to see skyline in. This is covered in the next tutorial.

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