Our Media Training and Development Center

Our Media Training and Development Center

Our Media Training Center is the first Emirati media training center, where both academic and practical training is conducted in a professional media environment, with relevance to operational studios and the classrooms are equipped with all the equipment and tools used in satellite TV channels and other media organizations. Our Media Training Center is specialized in media training and consultancy. It relies on professional trainers who have been creative in all formats of media production and have experience in developing media skills academically with practical operations.

Dubai – UAE
Radio and TV Journalism
Introduction to TV Presentation
TV News Presentation
TV Talk Show Presentation
Field TV Reporter
Sub- editing
Documentary Filmmaking
Writing to Picture
Investigative Journalism
Conception & Presentation of Radio Programs
Writing for Radio
Journalistic Article Writing
Documentary Story Telling
TV documentary Program Production
Newsgathering Operations
The Principle of Sports Desk
The Principle of Business Desk
Security Media Management
Media War Management

Technical operation
TV Filming
Multi-Camera Studio Direction
Basic Editing Skills (Final cut Pro)
Broadcast Engineering
Photoshop Fundamentals
Photoshop Advanced
Light room Digital Photo Processing &Editing
InDesign Fundamental
InDesign Advanced
Acrobat Fundamental
Illustrator Fundamental
Illustrator Advanced
Premiere Pro Fundamental
Premiere Pro Advanced

Film Production with Mobile
New Media
Promote your Skills through Media
Digital Media & Public Interaction
Mobile Journalism
Digital Media Strategy For Organizations
Professional Blogging Skills
Data Journalism
Interactive Story Visualization
E – Journalism

Still Photography
The principle of Still photography
Advertising Photography
Art of Children Photography
Art of Photography Film

Communications and Public Relation
Organizational Communication Skills
The Soft Power in Media
Organizational Mental Image Strategies
Media Skills for Public Relations
Planning PR Campaigns
Organizing Conferences and Events
Writing for PR
Crisis Media Management
Meeting the Press
Art of Addressing Public
Negotiation & Persuasion Skills
Etiquette and Protocol
Etiquette for Female
Customer Care
Time Management
Media Monitoring and Documentation Skills
The Principle of Public Opinion
Media in Overall Development
Political communication
Psychological foundations of public relations

Youths Training
Stills Photography
Children Etiquette
Young Presenter

Media Skills
Skills of Voice Placement &Elocution
Language Proofreading
Dubbing & Voice Over
Introduction to Simultaneous Translation (Arabic, English)
Planning &Managing Media Corporations

Media Content Strategic Planning
Train the Trainer
Film Screen Writing
Novel Writing
Media Skills for Diplomats
Presentation Skills
Visual Story telling
Financial Policies for Media Corporate
Estimate Budgeting for Media Corporations
Training Specialist Skills

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