Courses with javascript in Vancouver Burnaby

This comprehensive training course for JavaScript programming includes all the concepts one must master to optimally employ this commonly-used web programming language. These  courses are suitable for beginners and advanced users who wish to add dynamic and interactive content to their web pages, extend their knowledge of scripting, and develop interactive web pages using JavaScript.


At the end of this training, participants will have the knowledge necessary to use the power of JavaScript to provide dynamic content on their Web sites and offer a richer, more responsive experience.



. Introduction to JavaScript
. The Basics of Javascript
. Tags
. Comments
. Variables
. Data types
. Operators
. Control Structures
. Functions


. Scalar arrays
. Associative Arrays
. Multidimensional arrays

Date manipulation

. The date object
. Timer creation

String manipulation

. String functioning
. String concatenation
. The string object
. The evaluation of a string
. The management of special characters

Mathematical operators

. Conversions
. The math object



. Cookies and security
. Handling cookies

Windows, pop-ups and frames

. The window object
. The pop-ups
. Frames


. The image object
. Image preloading
. Image functions


. Dialog boxes
. Events
. The mouse control
. Keyboard handling
. Error handling



. The form object
. Form elements
. Input controls
. E-mailing

Document and dynamism

. The document object

Some advanced features

. Regular expressions
. Introduction to Ajax
. Introduction to jQuery library


This private training JavaScript truly responds to your needs and offers the opportunity to deepen your knowledge at your own pace. The schedule is planned according to your availability.