Training Description

Adobe photoshop lightroom training Toronto, vancouver

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an image management and organization application which helps in viewing, editing, and managing digital photographs. Lightroom’s user-friendly interface offers numerous digital photography tools for photographers of all skill levels from beginner to advanced.


Lightroom is a stand-alone program that can also work in conjunction with as well as complement all other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. Lightroom offers an image filing system that can be customized to individual needs along with various tools for colour correction, retouching, cropping, web and print output, as well as slide show presentations.

Course content

  • Viewing and navigating modules
  • Resizing, expanding and minimizing panels
  • Using screen mode and lights out
  • Importing photos from various sources
  • Exporting photos for various formats
  • Using metadata browser and keyword tags
  • Working with the crop overlay
  • Changing the crop aspect and straightening photos
  • Working with clone and healing tools
  • Using the red eye tool
  • Using the Histogram
  • Changing the white balance (RAW files)
  • Creating a custom white balance
  • Adjusting the image tonal scale (exposure, recovery, etc.)
  • Working with tone curves
  • Using hue, saturation and luminance
  • Split toning highlights and shadows
  • Noise reduction and sharpening
  • Camera calibration and lens correction
  • Creating tonal correction presets


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