At work, it often happens between colleagues, we want to exchange documents or write but also protect them. For this, some often use preinstalled software such as office suites. However, when happens to you to want to share the information contained in the document or the document itself on the Web, another file format is much more useful. This is obviously the PDF file format. Therefore, this training gives you the opportunity understand the functioning of Adobe  Acrobat to create PDF files and know to adrees to multiple uses. In reality, the theoretical courses in Montreal, Longueuil and Laval will mingle with practical and specific coaching to succeed the different phases and take full advantage of Adobe Acrobat computer program.


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The aim of the course
Workshop that helps to manage the entire production chain of PDF document as far as that goes to security. Ongoing training will teach  how to insert multimedia elements on PDF files, but also how to create forms for collecting data.


General overview of Adobe  Acrobat

  • How to install software
  • Opening the software
  • Explanations of the user interface
  • Customizing the Display
  • Features in Adobe Acrobat
  • The various navigation panels
  • Importance of corporate training of Adobe  Acrobat

First uses of Adobe  Acrobat

  • Create a PDF or Adobe PDF maker
  • Create a PDF using Acrobat
  • How to implement multiple PDF files at once
  • How to View a PDF
  • Personalization and Appearance
  • The various pieces of management tools and pages
  • Knowing to merge documents

Manage PDF files

  • Accompanied by a teacher on editing PDF files
  • How to edit a PDF file
  • How to change the look and appearance of text
  • learn how to add headers and footers
  • How to crop a PDF file
  • Compress PDFs
  • What font inserted characters
  • Creating Forms in Adobe Acrobat
  • How to disseminate data
  • How to supervise the form data
  • Manage Comments
  • Support by a teacher to fully configure Comments
  • Review and follow up review
  • How to insert the search functions
  • How to make phonetic searches
  • How to manage bookmarks and links

Document protection

  • Seminar to reinforce Capacity on the importance of safety with Acrobat
  • Rights management and digital signature Notions
  • Professional developement on the concepts of certification and authentication
  • Use of electronic envelopes