Professional Ableton Corporate Training Toronto

Ableton Live is a loop sequencer that allows the composition and arrangement, but is
primarily intended for live use.


This course allows to efficiently use the main applications of the software Ableton Live. The student is thus able to properly use its common applications in order to create live DJ sets or his own musical compositions.

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  • The work environment of the software
  • The mixer
  • The plugins
  • The time stretch and the audio loops
  • The settings automation
  • The various steps of creating a live set and a piece of music
  • Rewire mode with other programs
  • Audio recording of a track
  • Saving and export modes of the final outcome of a project


Basic computer skills.

Pedagogical approach

The course Ableton Live is based on a personalized approach in regard to your initial skills and those you wish to acquire.

Documents or material provided

  • Computers
  • Software
  • Audio loops
  • Technical assistance

Documents or material to bring

  • USB key
  • Paper, pencils
  • Your ideas


This private Ableton Live training truly responds to your needs and helps to deepen
your knowledge at your own pace. The course schedule is planned according to
your availability.

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