This weeks video is a week in the life of a social media manager! I’m taking you guys along with me on my work trip across the country, vlog style, to show you a week in the life of my job as a social media manger for Sephora Collection. How I manage my time between youtube, my job as a social media manager, and influencer manager for Sephora. Choosing a career can be tough so here is a look into a week in the life of a social media manager as a young woman!


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31 replies
  1. Beatriz Solorzano
    Beatriz Solorzano says:

    Question about your job, is the Sephora corporate offices in Texas or is this a type of job that you can work from anywhere?

  2. Pierina Benetello
    Pierina Benetello says:

    i started taking over the social media for a small ecommerce company and i wish i had more knowledge in marketing/advertising. hoping i’ll be able to learn and work up to a bigger company one day.

  3. Alisha Robinson
    Alisha Robinson says:

    Just found your channel! I’m loving your content! Would love to know how you got into this career? School, applying, etc….. Thanks so much!

  4. Jeanette Tinoco
    Jeanette Tinoco says:

    I mean I think Sephora collection should pick you next to your and meet your fans, I would so go. I’ll be at a giants game in two weeks so very interested in checking out your dad’s restaurant. Great video. ❤

  5. Layla Amber
    Layla Amber says:

    Loved this vlog! I would love to see a video about how you got this amazing position and what it’s like working for Sephora at home, now that you live in Texas. 🙂

  6. Tatiana Pena
    Tatiana Pena says:

    How do you pick out the influencers? Do you pick them out or do just do the even coordinator? Also did you go to school for this? If so can you make a video of how you got that job. Thanks!

  7. Lynsieeee
    Lynsieeee says:

    Wow, this video is what I have been looking for for the longest time! Finally an insider’s look into this growing industry. Thank you so much for sharing, this was a lot of help for me in learning more about what this type of job entails and I am even more intrigued. I definitely want to get kickstarted in this industry, but not exactly sure how or where to start, but your videos are a huge help! I hope someday to build enough courage to put myself out there and get my dream job 🙂

  8. Jen Salazar
    Jen Salazar says:

    Loved seeing what you do! I have been intersted in social media and marketing! Interesting to see it from the inside 🙂 where did you get your face roller from?!

  9. TheGlamorousQueen
    TheGlamorousQueen says:

    Just found your channel and I’m in love watching all of your videos I am also a YouTuber from Texas so I’m excited I found you 💗

  10. Alysia Harji
    Alysia Harji says:

    Love the jeans you cut into shorts! What size did you order for reference?? P.S. just found your channel and love it!

  11. beckn092
    beckn092 says:

    Career goals!!! I am also in the marketing/advertising industry and currently trying to transition into the cosmetic industry for marketing and working with the influencer scene. I’m from the Bay Ares as well so I have been applying for jobs at Benefit, Sephora, Kendo, etc. I can’t tell you how much your videos have seriously helped/inspired me throughout this process ! I just found your channel and I am already obsessed— you are seriously awesome girly!! ❤️ also can’t wait to try your dads restaurant next time I’m in SF 😊

  12. Brittany Hettick
    Brittany Hettick says:

    I am so inspired by your content and love following your channel! Youre doing such an amazing job also very jealous of your Sephora job!

  13. Anna D.
    Anna D. says:

    I just found your channel yesterday and I am already obsessed 😂 i really liked this video, lots of love from Austria ❤

  14. Shawna McKinzie
    Shawna McKinzie says:

    Wanna trade jobs for a week? Accountant vs. Social Media Manager. I think I would benefit most from that deal. 🤣🤣🤣 San Diego was beautiful! That hotel on the beach!! Aaahhhhh!


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