Using InDesign Data Merge with images | Print production |

Using InDesign Data Merge with images | Print production |

In this tutorial, see how to use InDesign Data Merge with images. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the Print Production Essentials: Digital and Variable Data Printing course by author Claudia McCue. The complete course is 58 minutes and explores the possibilities and limitations of digital printing and working with variable data.

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3 replies
  1. Don't Let Her Speak
    Don't Let Her Speak says:

    where do you go to bing the csv file in the indeisgn? i cant rmeember which dropdown menu gets me to xmpie.

  2. Coral Cashes
    Coral Cashes says:

    Thank you for this! I know the answer is probably "sign up with Lynda to find out" but it doesn’t hurt to ask: I’m designing a directory for a magazine and we have little icons listed next to the businesses for various different things. Not every business have the same icons. Is there a way to indicate multiple images *and* have them reflow (left-justified, for example) if one or more of the other image boxes are empty? Seems impossible, but Adobe never ceases to amaze me. Thanks in advance!

  3. Isaac Tanner-Dempsey
    Isaac Tanner-Dempsey says:

    Can you use two image column’s in an indesign datamerg? What should you name column’s. Can you name them anything or need to be ‘@images


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