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  1. ConfidentLEMON Squeezer
    ConfidentLEMON Squeezer says:

    OMG thankyou. i watched 5 of these videos. i was in the middle of applying. thankyou so so much. u saved me alot of trouble. im only 17 hah xD

  2. Jenia Curtis
    Jenia Curtis says:

    Its true I visited the site for Philadelphia, I just wanted a more detailed brochure mailed to my house. That was around 11am it is now 4:55pm and I’ve received over 5 phone calls… They haven’t left any voice mails yet but I’m pretty sure by tomorrow they will!

  3. Angela Rose
    Angela Rose says:

    Thank you for posting this!!! I was just going to apply for the Pittsburgh online division for the same program you did. Definitely just saved me a bunch of time and money

  4. Amber Nelson
    Amber Nelson says:

    I was so closed to being scammed! The recruiter told me it would cost $4,000 for an 8 month MA program and I would make 40-60k a year but when I went to sign the loan the day before class I ripped through the pages of the loan that were stabled at the top and bottom of the loan and saw it was actually for $28,000 and the financial aid guy tried to convince me to take out the loan for 40 minutes by telling me it was my only change for a successful life. Really you lie to me and then want me to go to your school and potentially ruin me AND my fathers credit? I go home to see that MA’s only make $30,000 at most. FUCK FOR PROFIT COLLEGES!!! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

  5. Nicole Hendrickson
    Nicole Hendrickson says:

    I go to novi Michigan culinary art institute of michigan, im paying 22thousand im trying to decide to transfer to college, im not sure what to do? they said I cant transfer credits?

  6. Bilal Muhammad
    Bilal Muhammad says:

    This is my bf you-tube that I commenting on.but I had to say this. you are funny lol I was laughing hearing you talk. Because I was like about to go to that school now I am thinking twice.

  7. Jenessa Postma
    Jenessa Postma says:

    thanks for posting, literally just spoke they got me all pumped but they were calling me for weeks so I finally answered didn’t realize it was them calling, very pushy! I don’t want to have to deal with that dealt with that with my previous college thanks a lot im seeing all these sign!!!!!

  8. Kelsee Boland
    Kelsee Boland says:

    Everything you said is pure truth!! I’m amazed they gave you a new advisor! Mine caused me to lose one of my grants, which led to me having to take out more loans (what a shocker!) and when I asked for a new advisor they told me that it wasn’t possible to switch.

  9. XO
    XO says:

    Guys just don’t go to a school that literally has advertise on TV and call every damn day until you enroll, if you want a good education just go to a real university

  10. aaron hudacky
    aaron hudacky says:

    You make many great points and I think anyone considering paying this financial organization is wise to take your advice.  For-profit schools don’t care about you, only your money.  I don’t think all colleges are a scam, but if a school isn’t nationally accredited AND non-profit, steer clear.  For-profit schools are expensive and non-accredited school credits do not transfer which seriously reduces the value of the credits you pay for.  

  11. Sergio Flores
    Sergio Flores says:

    Wait so how much do they charge you to drop out? I have not started but I have an appointment with the financial officer next week. I’m really heartbroken hearing these reviews.

  12. Ricky3p1416
    Ricky3p1416 says:

    Dont worry about your credit score. Use cash never credit. Dont acquire debt. Save up. Invest even if little. Use cash, never credit.

  13. Juan Manzano
    Juan Manzano says:

    I was about to apply for that school in 2008, but my gut told me to stop…something just did not feel right especially the way the recruiter was so aggressive on the way she called me.

  14. FreshArt23
    FreshArt23 says:

    She’s telling the truth! I went to their open house (Ai in Novi, Michigan) yesterday only because my grandma has been nagging me to go back to school. However I pick up on some pushy & bad vibes. When I got there they were too happy I mean understand your excited about bringing in new students but chill lol. As some of the people from the school talk something didn’t set right with me with the info they were giving. Then a Alumni student who graduated in September was speaking saying she found a job within a month after graduation. Her story still didn’t set well with some of the parents. Many people ask we’re credits transferable & will their child be able to get a job afterwards. Then after a tour that didn’t impress me at all a guy talk about scholarships/financial aid & stuff but he was too pushy & over the top. Last but not least after the guy stop talking they were already in people’s faces asking people to apply. Like wtf?! Can the person make the decision/have time to look over on some things. So yea it’s a scam most art schools wants to see your pro folio first so yea. I just wasn’t impress with anything because it sounded to good to be true!

  15. Vannie96
    Vannie96 says:

    Looking back now, I’m glad I didn’t get too far into it with this "college". They seriously do call and email you a million times. Any school that does that along with having an absurd amount of adds all over the place is already kinda sketchy. Just think of all the amazing schools out there that hardly even advertise! Looking for college options was already hard enough, but when I attempted to search, this school kept showing up all over the place! College fair type of things are the worst too. They’ll have huge set ups with super perky (and pushy) reps with lots of free things (which I don’t feel bad having taken a lot of).

    Thats why its seriously important to look at your options and look through reviews before any major commitment gets involved. Thats not just with Ai, but with any school. High school (mine at least) will push the idea going to college down your throat, and it will make you feel rushed into just choosing something. Do what makes you happy and feels comfortable, and look at all your options.

  16. low budget masturbation
    low budget masturbation says:

    Thank you for this!! I found it strange how the representative tried to get me to turn in my application and do the financial aid even though im 2 months into my senior year of HS. He didn’t really care for transcripts and said ill be accepted in 2 weeks and ill just have to wait until i finish hs to start :/

  17. cindy mei
    cindy mei says:

    thank god i saw ur video… thanks. I had the experience when the international representative keep sending me messages to talk and stuff because my number didnt connect. felt annoying but i didnt continue and they finally stop.

  18. Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis says:

    I’m so glad you and others have made reviews on this school. It felt like a scam and all I did was sign up for an email brochure thing and signed up for an open house tour and they would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE!!! blowing up my calls, messages, voicemail, email, ugh it was such a turn off and I knew something was up. Too bad you can’t sue for them avoiding your calls, you’d think if there’s a deadline to withdraw and your school doesn’t answer, which causes the debt to Increase they’d be liable!!! They should be anyways!!

  19. Kyuni Martin
    Kyuni Martin says:

    SHE SPEEKS THE TRUTH…they called me like 10,000 times and they showed me the school and i fell in love until they showed me the bill and then some. gosh it was a lot of money,Im glad I dogged that bullet

  20. xAzoriax
    xAzoriax says:

    I’m going to the Art Institute of Austin in Texas for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. I have some of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. I will admit, though, at the Atlanta campus, my friend told me he went through the same crap you went through. I guess the only exception I have seen, in my perspective, is the Austin campus. Idk I really enjoy it there and haven’t been criticized for any of my work or limited with what I can do. I’m learning a lot too and am looking forward to more. But I understand where you are coming from. A&M Corpus Christi did that shit to me in my bachelor’s degree when I was going for biology.

  21. Ironfist01 Productions
    Ironfist01 Productions says:

    i go to ai im on my third years they are professional and they know their shit. I’m a film student so you all relax then. Plus you know their a plan where you dont pay all at once you can pay bit and bit.

  22. JustJay30
    JustJay30 says:

    You are not the only one. I attended AI of Las Vegas on campus and had an almost identical experience. I was handing in work that was above and beyond what was asked and continued to get criticized while the other students handed in assignments that were hand-written 20 minutes before class and got perfect scores. The school also made all of these promises regarding where you can go and who you can work for after finishing their film degree. Fast forward to a year into the schooling, I find out that graduates are practically laughed at because of their lack of knowledge and professionalism and, because of said reasons, have been banned from participating in any film festivals and/or film related events. This school is a rip-off and a definite scam that cost me almost 20,000 dollars worth of student debt. I hope they get sued!

  23. myneoncow
    myneoncow says:

    I was indecisive about enrolling and was looking at reviews
    Thanks, you really helped me there!
    Sorry to hear that h5apoened though, best of luck! ^_^

  24. Hollis Davis
    Hollis Davis says:

    It’s a for-profit college, its primary objective is to make a profit period. Also anyone who has gone to these schools and has federal loans… you have no choice but to pay, bankruptcy will not discard federal debt just a fyi.

    The Obama administration has been trying to shut these scam schools down but sadly lobbyist have the people that are suppose to represent us both democrats and republicans in their pockets and they aren’t allowing rules that would protect people like the poster of this video to be implemented/

    One last thing anytime a you are being pursued by a school or a contractor or sales person probably 10 out of 10 times its not in your best interest.. just a fyi 

  25. Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman says:

    Dam, I mean I just had a campus tour of the art institute of Michigan for audio production bachelors of science program.
    Everything seemed pretty good until I started doing some research on these institutes and only see bad reviews. I guess I’ll be going somewhere else.

  26. VCMarilyn
    VCMarilyn says:

    I was going to go to the one in New York at one point because I wanted a degree in fashion so I contacted them. They called back I told them everything about me and what I was looking for even mentioned that I went to college before and got a diploma. They shaved a few months off my time I would have to spend there but they still wanted to charge me $50,000. There was non stop calling and finally the last straw was when they wanted another 1,200 a month for rent on top of the $50,000. That was it, I now go to a better school.

  27. Kymora Gaines
    Kymora Gaines says:

    Thanks for the video I was really planning on going to the AI for fashion design in New York but I am from Florida.  From seeing the commercials on TV is really what made me want to go to school because I always loved fashion and just needed a good school to help me get there. Plus I am in my first year of HS and it about time for me to starting thinking about what I plan on doing after HS. I  am now  leaning more towards  Parson school now ,because collage is very expensive and we don’t have time to be wasting money on things like this that  turn out into being a big SCAM.


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