Scenes in OBS Studio (Free Graphics Included) | Tutorial 8/13

Scenes in OBS Studio (Free Graphics Included) | Tutorial 8/13

Learn how to make different scenes, set hotkeys, add filters, and much more in OBS Studio. All graphics are available in the free download link.

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Hey everyone, in this video we’re going to set up scenes in OBS Studio. I’ll also show you how to customize our graphical assets directly inside of OBS Studio, as well as setup hot keys to make switching between our scenes quick and easy.

Let’s get right into it.

For this video, make sure to check out the link to that will provide you with all of the graphics we’ll be using in our scenes. They’re all completely free. If you enjoy using them, sharing the site or this video on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook., or whatever you use would mean a lot!

Anyways, if you followed the series so far, you’ll have a very strong understanding of how to work with OBS Studio. Scenes will be our collection of different sources – each scene will have a different purpose during our broadcast.

To start, I’m going to download the graphic assets from – the overlay image files are in a .zip, so you’ll need to extract them. I’ll put everything on my desktop. Feel free to save yours anywhere. The files contain a generic overlay – but if you need to further customize your overlay – you can use our Overlay maker, link will be found in the description as well. Let’s first start with an “Intro” scene. Broadcasters generally use this to give time for any viewers to filter in before they start their show. I do want to mention that my base canvas size is 1920×1080 pixels… if yours isn’t you may need to adjust some of the graphics with scaling and positioning.

The first thing I’m going to do is rename our default scene to intro – now, let’s add in our looping background video. Add a media source and name it Background. We’ll leave local file checked, and then browse to find our video background file. Select loop, as we want this file to continuously play in this scene. If you’d like, you can uncheck Restart playback when the source becomes active, but this isn’t necessary with such a small file. This option would help reduce some memory usage, if you’re concerned about that. Hit okay.

Now let’s add in a text source, and name it “Header”. Hit select font and choose any font that you’d like to use, and any styles here as well. I’m going to set the size to 72, hit okay to go back to the font properties. I’m going to type “The Stream Will Begin Shortly” in all caps. Next, I’m going to select my font color. You can choose whatever you like, but I’m going to leave color 1, or the top part of our text o n white, and color 2 which is the bottom part of the text as white as well – hit okay once you’re done with these options. I’m going to then hit Ctrl+D to center this text on my screen. You can also right click the source, go to transform, and then hit “center to screen” here as well.

We have a nice header message, in our scene, but let’s add something about our social media or a general message quickly. Create another text source, call it sub header, but this time make the font a bit smaller, in my version I’ll select 48 – I’ll also choose the same font I was using before. After I have those options selected, I’ll just type in something like “Don’t Forget To Follow!” and then hit Okay. Again, I’ll use Ctrl+D to center my source to the screen. We need to shift this source down in its vertical position. While we could do this by clicking and dragging, let’s do this a more precise way. Right click the source, and go to Transform, Edit Transform. Here we have all sorts of way to preposition our source. I’m going to increase the value of the 2nd input for position, as this is the vertical positioning. This will allow us to keep the text perfectly centered horizontally. Remember, you can type in a value here to go a bit faster, or just click inside and use arrow key up to go a bit faster. Close this box when done.

50 replies
  1. Jeff Jackson
    Jeff Jackson says:

    Been watching OBS vids for 8 hours cramming for my live stream! There are very few quality tuts that move along with the info and skip the idle chat. You sir get the “Bang for the buck” award! NICE JOB!
    I like your quick moving concise style, a true artist!

  2. Surfangel
    Surfangel says:

    For the longest time i couldnt figure out what scenes were but these tutorials were absolutely fantasitc.
    Also that GG in the webcam made me lmao

  3. Fresh Fox
    Fresh Fox says:

    Thanks bro! Im going to subscribe you. Im on my way to live stream world so u helped me alot. Nice. And again thanks!☺

  4. Damocles
    Damocles says:

    Whenever I download and add your background media source for my intro screen, it just displays as a stationary dark green screen on my OBS. Any idea as to why this may be occuring? I’ve looked elsewhere and can’t seem to find any solutions. Thanks

  5. darl1Ng Official
    darl1Ng Official says:

    This is so amazing . I appriciate this a lot and I can’t thank you enough honestly. Thank you for making this channel.

  6. Ezequiel De La Fuente III
    Ezequiel De La Fuente III says:

    Hello. I make my scenes and sources and they look good. Then when I come back to OBS another time or day, my scenes and sources names and titles are still there but everything is blank. Like the names are saving but there’s no overlays or pictures that I’m creating. How can I fix it to where I can come back and I don’t need to set up and choose files each time? Thanks!

  7. Scouts Gaming
    Scouts Gaming says:

    the link to the guide will be below …. sets up everything in the video, go to click the link to set up my overlay with followers/dono’s and what not, "coming soon" ???????????????

  8. Nexus Gaming
    Nexus Gaming says:

    Doesn’t work!! Update required! So after banging my head against the wall for several hours I think I’ve figured it out. Thanks a ton!!

  9. Dan Dutton
    Dan Dutton says:

    You are my savior! I’ve been searching for a long time on how to customize my stream and I didn’t realize OBS makes it so easy. Subscribed!

  10. Rain Online
    Rain Online says:

    at 12:00 .. the steam will begin shortly.. STEAM?! omg worst tutorials ever!. Jk derek! you’re the best, you helped me so much and also I love your twitch channel! <3

  11. KevinKoolx
    KevinKoolx says:

    THANK YOU! Very well made video! Normally when I see a 15 minute long tutorial video on YouTube it has 80% fill content and downtime. Well made, on point tutorial. Great job!

  12. What About Brunch
    What About Brunch says:

    you are awesome at succinctly explaining everything you touch upon without wasting our time doing it. THANK YOU!

  13. Armon K
    Armon K says:

    im confused, so I’m trying to set my game capture window to world of warcraft, its on windowed fullscreen but i dont see a drop down, does this mean i just leave it as capture any fullscreen application?

  14. Barry Weaver
    Barry Weaver says:

    can someone please help i can’t find the edit scene button, tried googling but no one answers clearly or simply

  15. Ross Jason Boehm Lai
    Ross Jason Boehm Lai says:

    Question ?? how or can one browse web in OBS zoom in if you looking at the page or flip page and how does one turn down the sound when your browsing clr and YouTube video is playing,?? tried to figure out but nothing , and if …,info in video was helpful….my OBS don’t have to download clr browser….

    WELSH PEMBS says:

    Iv just started out trying to get the hang of this stuff and your tutorials are the best I have found and seen so clearly detailed Thank you keep up the good work 👍 I also like the added free add on you included once I proper get the hang of it I will be sure to add you to my description in my video.


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