Purging Social Media Accounts, Slide Graphics & When Not To Use Stock Video | #AskBrady Episode 42

Purging Social Media Accounts, Slide Graphics & When Not To Use Stock Video | #AskBrady Episode 42

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1:04 – Should I get rid of the past history of our social media posts?
6:50 – Are there circumstances when we should not use stock video?
14:18 – What is the difference in style between a social graphic and a church slide graphic if they’re both announcements?
19:27 – When your church is able to grow their communications department, what are some key positions to fill?

Brady Shearer is the CEO of Pro Church Tools Inc., a company helping churches communicate better. Through weekly videos, podcasts, and articles, Pro Church Tools reaches more than 25,000 churches every month.

Brady is the host of The #AskBrady Show, a church communications focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as the Pro Church Podcast, a weekly interview audio podcast.

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5 replies
  1. Jay Robert
    Jay Robert says:

    You have no idea how much this topic just confirmed so many things that I was thinking just THIS MORNING! Wow.

  2. Ben King
    Ben King says:

    Hey Brady!
    Thanks for answering my question! It was very helpful. Maybe twitter is a harder platform to give context, but I am the Communications Director for a Church in Central Florida. I’ve got one employee working with me as a production designer. My strengths are in design but my "weakness" I would say is in project management and writing or at least it’s something I don’t want to focus on because it’s pulling me away from being creative and implementing a creative vision… We’ve had a Videographer in the past and are looking for a replacement, in the meantime we’ve used freelancers. So I think what you said was great! Finding someone who fills in those weaknesses. However, my leadership doesn’t think I should be giving up those responsibilities.

    Thanks again for including me on the show!

  3. Jeremy Bergen
    Jeremy Bergen says:

    Haha! I was about to ask whether you were filming this in the evening, and then you addressed the lighting change. You must have bumped it up with some extra lights as well, instead of just the window with God’s fresnel.


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