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The strategies used by enterprises to optimize the visibility of their online portal, to sell their products or to expand the presence of their brand on social networks, there is very often a social network that is forgotten and yet has all the trappings to become an indispensable element in your strategy. This is obviously Pinterest. This web site which has a mobile application remains gold over 100 million users and especially she brings an innovation in the world of social networking focusing on the system of sharing of photographs. In this way, Pinterest can indeed be integrated into a great digital strategy.

A network that is necessary

Founded just 5 years ago, this social network which began with a web platform is needed more and more in the sector of social networks. In fact, its number of users perfectly increased from 70 million in 2013 at a little over $ 100 million in September 2 015 with an exponential increase of french users who have gone 550,000 in 2013 to triple by 2015. In addition, according to the statistics a little more than 3 472 imagesare pinned on Pinterest every minute. Thus, this social network says more and mor e strength and remains a boon for brands that his audience captivated a certain female clients ( approximately 70% of its audience in the United States).

How to enjoy?

When you’re a brand or a company, Pinterest thus remains an opportunity for your digi tal strategy. Indeed, this social network also has a mobile application to reach mobile users. T hus, when you want to integrate Pinterest in your strategy should first and foremost think abo ut social network features, the different uses that Internet users can do to finally lead to the final use your business or your brand can be. In addition, you should know that Pinterest is a network that uses categorization by topic to en able users to achieve their research. This remains a real positive point instead ofFacebook and Twitter which do not

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