Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a Simplistic Banner Design

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a Simplistic Banner Design

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50 replies
  1. Taufeeq Ali
    Taufeeq Ali says:

    watch your content. YOU ARE B E A S T! keep it up bro great work.i am much inspired by you.MY RATINGS = 5 / 5 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 5 STARS BY ME great buddy!

  2. Saurav Majumder
    Saurav Majumder says:

    Sir, you are too fast for me. Though your work is amazing but tutorials are way fast lack detail study and tools used.

  3. Jonnatan Contreras
    Jonnatan Contreras says:

    Hey man, when I try to do they final polygonal cut on my work, it doens’t cut it at all, I hit Rasterize layer but nothing happens it is still there, why might cause that if you plz tell me…thanks for the tuto!

  4. აბი გლუკოზა
    აბი გლუკოზა says:

    thats funny! guy does’t even know blending mode bar name and he explained everything much better that some of so called PhotoShop gurus on youtube…
    thx bro

  5. connecting segment
    connecting segment says:

    i m not able to get the same type of brush command , mine doesn’t show a circle to select it shows four dots like. just starting Photoshop great video by the way.


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