Pearson Customer Service is Exceptional because of Social Media Marketers

Pearson Customer Service is Exceptional because of Social Media Marketers

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In “Perspectives on Social Media,” Stephanie Agresta (2011) suggested that the advent of social media opened the flood gates on customer service. She explained, “Before social media, what were consumers’ options? They couldn’t talk back to the TV. Visits to corporate headquarters were out of the question. And, toll-free numbers usually resulted in disinterested operators” (p. 50).

Pearson IT Certification is taking full advantage of achieving their customer satisfaction objective through social media. In fact, customers at Pearson IT Certification have a direct line to corporate headquarters — the number is @PearsonITCert. What is significant about this customer service channel is not that it is hosted on Twitter, rather the significance lies in that it is managed by an educated professional, instead of a ‘disinterested operator.’ In other words, Pearson IT Certification understands and respects the fact that their customers are busy professionals, who deserve to have the rapid-fire attention of other professionals.

Not only does Pearson place the control of its Twitter handles in the hands of marketing professionals, but those “Community Mangers” are empowered to divulge their identity. This is important according to Agresta who suggested that “The technologies used to market products and services online today are powered first and foremost by people. Along with that comes the idea that you have to disclose the relationship between the brand and the voice” (2011, p. 66).

The voice behind @PearsonITCert is @JamieShoup76. Jamie Shoup is a Senior Social Media & Community Manager at Pearson. Her management of Pearson IT Certification’s Twitter account is transparent, responsive, and helpful. IT professionals rely both on her deep understanding of their industry and her real-time responses to their questions and comments. The relationships and networked community of IT professionals that Shoup manages has created a loyal and valuable following of more than 5,000 on Twitter.

In this video, Kourtnaye Sturgeon, Director of Marketing at Pearson, suggested that the true value in utilizing social media technologies, as a customer service channel, is that the highly visible engagement advertises Pearson’s commitment to its customers. In other words, the story of the relationship between Pearson and its customers is being played out on transparent social platforms for everyone in the IT industry to see. Sturgeon, and savvy marketing professionals like her, realize that these highly visible relationships influence consumer behavior and can be the deciding factor during a consumer’s purchasing process.

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Agresta, S. & Bough B. B. (2011). Perspectives on Social Media Marketing. Boston, MA:
Cengage Learning.

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