Marketing for Indies – PR, Social Media, and Game Trailers

Marketing for Indies – PR, Social Media, and Game Trailers

Learn how to market your indie game with little to no money, tips and tricks for getting press coverage and the best ways to engage with and create fans! Handout links below!!!

3 hour class with Jack Dalrymple from Cap And Cut and Albino Lullaby for Playcrafting Boston, with presentation slides edited in.


Presentation Slides:
Film Production Handout:
Game Marketing Checklist:
Press Release Handout:
Press Release Sample:

Class Description

Game industry veteran Jack Dalrymple gives an insider look at marketing video games, best practices for engaging through social media and tips and tricks on getting press coverage. With in-depth evaluation of how games are marketing at AAA companies and how to best market your Indie game with little to no money.

The class starts with the basics basic marketing principles, the difference between brand and marketing and leads into marketing specifically related to video games. Then with social media, you will learn how to best engage with fans and get fresh eyes on your game. With PR you will learn how put together a press kit, write a press release and the best approach trying to get editorial coverage. This is followed by an in-depth look at AAA practices and the difference between marketing in AAA and Indie. The class ends with a detailed look at the most important content for marketing your game, the trailer. Including tools that can be used to make your own trailers, the story arc, the trailer arc, the process, tips and tricks for making high quality with a limited budget and final delivery.

You can have the best video game, but without good marketing, it will be nearly impossible to find. There is a learning curve to marketing, PR and social media and the lessons don’t need to be learned through field testing, which can be detrimental to your games success.

YouTuber and Twitcher Lists Discussed in Class:

Good YouTuber List:
Amazing YouTuber List:
Amazing Twitcher List:

Always Check Realtime View Potentials for the Indie Twitter Hashtags:


About the Instructor

Jack Dalrymple is an industry veteran at producing trailers and marketing games, Cinematics Director at Bit Fry, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Ape Law, and owner of Cap and Cut a Boston based trailer house and creative design studio. As Lead Editor and Technical Director at WB Games’ Turbine Studio from 2004 to 2014, he developed and edited more than $10 million in marketing trailers and ingame cutscenes with over 9 million views online and built and managed one of the first live HD game capture cinematics studios in the world.

Jack mentors at MassDiGi, where he speaks and gives students direction and feedback on their game trailers. He dedicates his time as Boston City Manager for Playcrafting’s mission of empowering the game development community through education, networking, and collaboration. His all encompassing approach to design, presentation and consistency across brand is leading the marketing initiative to launch Ape Law’s first-person horror adventure game, Albino Lullaby. With Cap and Cut, Jack maintains the highest quality mobile capture rig in the Greater Boston Area and is available for game capture and game trailer production for indie and AAA studios across the region.

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