Learning Letters

Learning Letters

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50 replies
  1. Cindy Hernandez playing roblox Hernandez
    Cindy Hernandez playing roblox Hernandez says:

    Lol Savage boi its every day b yay more Savage video lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Hannah Marie Barry
    Hannah Marie Barry says:

    I wish you guys were my visiting/home teachers! That would be so fun. I’m the only one LDS in my family. I was actually baptised the same day as Olivia (:

  3. Shawnta Pascal
    Shawnta Pascal says:

    these boys are soooo cute I laughed solo hard they remind me of the Little rascals I luv them all omg Bonnie u have to get them on TV all of them !!! and Lincoln’s face should be the Gerber baby or Two or Crazy 8 Old Navy gosh somebody okayyy just hurry and do it I luv watching them cause in my head we are besties lol u guys are GREAT PARENTS . I have my husband watching and he says it like watching u ur just a different color and I’m Italian and I took that as a great comment !!👍👍

  4. Lisa Willett
    Lisa Willett says:

    I just NEED to say this……I was having a horrible day, and I decided to watch ur vlog and I smiled almost all of the way through……..thank you for sharing ur children’s cuteness and all the great you do. Helping others with church is so great, and I could use a little of that right now. I am a mom of 6, 2 of my kids are out of the house due to age. one is in college and one lives with dad actually for now…….but at home I have an 11, 9, 7, and 2 year old all boys except the 9 year old. I am always so stressed because my hubby works all day then works with his dad on the farm until 8 pm and I am here ALL DAY ALONE WITH KIDS!!!!! I also babysit a 5 year old for extra money. anyway some days i get so frustrated, lonely, and feel so horrible that it takes everything outta me just to take care of my family…….my siblings are not right by me, it’s a drive to get anywhere and it’s just sad that I can’t see them more. Bonnie how do u handle all of this, I know Joel can help alot now but before when he worked all day how did you handle the stress, think back to when lincoln was born or while u were pregnant with him……I remember that being tough on u……. anyway, ty for this great vlog, watching lincoln shove his pockets full of candy, I laughed, then boston saying frankie hahahahaha and writing his name and being so patient. bless their hearts. ur kids are beautiful!!!!….. oh and olivia my son hates cucumbers as well. WHO HATES CUCUMBERS???? they are so good, but my son Aiden never eats them in his lunch. ugh…….lol…..olivia i feel like u like alot of foods and that’s awesome……love ur fam so much <3

  5. Belinda Burley
    Belinda Burley says:

    what was said around 11.07?  I think it was Cody who says it. lol  I couldn’t understand it. haha this vlog was so fun. 🙂

  6. maria montano
    maria montano says:

    Hi bonnie. Can you please please tell me the name of the book boston uses to write and where you got it please thank you

  7. Rachel Poss
    Rachel Poss says:

    please do a video on Boston singing that adorable song!! Or a talent show of all the kids, they sure know how to work the camera!! Love your channel so much, incredible family (: (:


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