Learn Google Earth: 3D Trees

Learn Google Earth: 3D Trees

Explore 3D trees in parks, neighborhoods, and forests in cities all over the world. Download the latest version at http://earth.google.com

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  1. Marcus Nittiosju
    Marcus Nittiosju says:

    Im so gonna remember this when im 90. its going to give us all a good laugh when we look at what we will have then and what we had.

  2. israfil ansari
    israfil ansari says:

    Life is precious its no useless. Help each other person. A nine days wonder. Dicipline makes greate country. Am israfil from gopalganj Bihar. Thanks all the best.

  3. Patrick-_-
    Patrick-_- says:

    I spent the whole video playing snake… This is SO cool! At the beginning, click the screen twice to pause then unpause annd press the up+left arrow a couple times. The little loading circle can be used to play snake! not even kidding, try it!

  4. J1M0TEE
    J1M0TEE says:

    @tabguy14 wtf?! I thought you were bullsh**ting at first, but that actually works! Google are flippin crazy.. so clever.

  5. Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris says:

    The 3d trees on Google aerial photographs obfuscate real photographic information. Please get rid of them or at least provide a way to turn them off.

  6. lecool122
    lecool122 says:

    Why does 10 000 detailed trees don’t plant on google earth but one detailed tree plants on google sketchup?

  7. David Rosenblatt
    David Rosenblatt says:

    Question: What is the system used for "placing" trees? Obviously you can’t inventory every tree in the Amazon forest and make that the basis for each tree viewable in 3D Trees. (Although, with Google, who knows??) OTOH, I can see how that WOULD be conceivable for, say, Central Park in NYC. So are different systems used for different places?

  8. xygomorphic44
    xygomorphic44 says:

    The following conversation took place in the basement at the Google Earth offices:

    "Hey boss, I’m finally done mapping all the trees in Benton County, Oregon. There must have been 40 million of them!"

    "Good job. Your next task area is the State of Amazonas, Brazil."

    "What??? That will take forever!!"

    "Then you better get started."


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