LEARN ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 20 MINUTES ! – Tutorial For Beginners

LEARN ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 20 MINUTES ! Tutorial For beginners

adobe PREMIERE PRO GET! – https://goo.gl/eNop8t

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC os CS6 in exactly 20 minutes. This tutorial is designed for beginners who have little or no experience with adobe Premiere. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and useful! It was a lot of work, all together, so if you can’t enjoy, please give a little love, the drawing, or share this video!

Hey guys, GET SOUND EFFECTS HERE: https://goo.gl/8Nwaqn
After effects Stock Footage: https://goo.gl/QY8VpC
AFTER EFFECTS TITTLES: https://goo.gl/s4eZY5

If you want to see the complete video of the disused factory, see here:

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Computer Specifications:
MacBook Pro 15″

Edited in adobe Premiere CC
With Magic Bullet Looks

A7s, Rokinon CINE T1 filmed with: Sony.5 24mm,
S-log2 profile color.

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Watch Animation Footage from the island

Thank you for watching.

50 replies
  1. Super Fun Toys For Kids
    Super Fun Toys For Kids says:

    Your tutorial is amazing! I like how you kept on topic throughout the video but also you starting talking about the content immediately. Straight to the point! Love that! Very informative and your teaching style is what I’ve been looking for with this topic of tutorials. Thank you and I have subscribed to your channel and will definitely be viewing your additional content to help me learn and use Adobe Premiere.

  2. Shreya Kumar
    Shreya Kumar says:

    But… How do u add text in the middle of the video? How do u increase or decrease the speed of certain parts???????

  3. bestdamnalex
    bestdamnalex says:

    I have had the creative cloud for a bit now but just installed Premiere Pro a while ago because I have a project coming up. I know learning this will take a while but this helped soooo much!

  4. Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson says:

    This is dope I’m working on editing some vlogs for my brand, But I can’t seem to find the title menu on my workspace am I missing something?? please help

  5. justin van der merwe
    justin van der merwe says:

    Listen thanks for the video but it is useless to me because we don’t have those presets you are using man!!!??? and I don’t know how to get them

  6. Adicted2Mc
    Adicted2Mc says:

    In my opinion, Vegas is better for basic video editing, and premiere is better for professional video editing.

  7. Mike and Mandy Perkins
    Mike and Mandy Perkins says:

    Great video… Fantastic summary on how to get started and you have a great ‘voice over’ … Thanks again.

  8. Bader Alsaleeli
    Bader Alsaleeli says:

    Thank you for this useful content. I filmed my first trailer with Canon 80d and used Premiere Pro for editing. It was amazing! and the good thing about Premiere is the flexibility. You can add and edit whatever you want in terms of colors, sounds, and effects. I think it is better than Sony Vegas, even though it is not that easy to master it.

    Please check out my 1-minute trailer on my channel and here’s the link to the video:

  9. Ru'mi Rumi'
    Ru'mi Rumi' says:

    I missed my premier pro classes at institute now i am watchimg your tutorial, hoping i can cover up for my exams .

  10. Financial Faiz
    Financial Faiz says:

    Thanks a lot, learned a lot from you. Just started using Premier today and your video really got me started.


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