Intro to Motion Graphics [1/4] | After Effects Tutorial

Intro to Motion Graphics [1/4] | After Effects Tutorial

The adventure begins!

In this episode we learn:

– Keyframes
– Positioning, opacity, rotation etc.
– Pre-comps
– Text to shapes
– Strokes, fills, colour.

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50 replies
  1. Pxsseiidon
    Pxsseiidon says:

    Finally. I found an actual tutorial that teaches how to creatively make my own animations. Thank you.

  2. william valderrama
    william valderrama says:

    you shouldn’t say something is stupid just because you don’t agree with it. Some people learn better/easier by following along a tutorial first then using what they learned and create their own graphics. Plus you shouldn’t do tutorials using plugins, people need to learn how to do things first before they start downloading plugins.

  3. SubVengeance
    SubVengeance says:

    My Easy Ease graph doesn’t make a bell curve 🙁 It only shows a transition from 0 to 100… Any help?

  4. Tianna Oleson
    Tianna Oleson says:

    This might be a little LATE… And there is probably a simple solution to this, but uhm, I cannot seem to select the letters one right after another ,it’s either one letter or all of them. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


  5. Manawar Sakir
    Manawar Sakir says:

    Thanks for all your hard work in this. Really made me a learn a lot of things about motion graphics and AE.

  6. Linda Bakodi
    Linda Bakodi says:

    i am doing exactly the same thing what he says but my AE does not play audio at all.. I am using AECC and I imported an mp3 file, is that the problem?

  7. Glitchy Weirdness
    Glitchy Weirdness says:

    I stumbled opon this video by accident….and man it was a very happy and useful accident, you were so damn right about the YouTube tuts and how bullshit they are, it’s exactly how u described it "copy and paste" and calls it tutorial, thank you mate

  8. TipTut
    TipTut says:

    Hello everyone, TipTut here! To all those asking what music I used, please watch the tutorial first – the WHOLE point of this series is that you’re not meant to copy this. The principles here can be applied to any piece of music, any type of animation. You should use this as a base for your own creation – and trust me – you’ll be much happier with the end result!

    To that end, I won’t tell you what the name of the song is (anyone with a certain app will be able to get the name I’m sure). Also, I can’t remember and don’t have the original files! Doh! Happy animating 🙂

  9. jayson caña
    jayson caña says:

    New here mate ! Really helpful for a beginer want to learn Ae like me ! Thanks mate . You got new subs.😁😁

  10. Aulia Yusti
    Aulia Yusti says:

    please answer this, because I have to be able to use after effect for my school project 🙁
    why does my font’s fill can’t be dismished? I’ve clicked the fill’s option and changed it into ‘no fill’, but nothing’s changing. did I miss a step or so?

  11. Kaustubh Bhonge
    Kaustubh Bhonge says:

    Exactly what I was trying to find for last few months, as I wanted to Learn basic Features and not How to Do it like what others tell. Thanks. 🙂

  12. Sameer Niaz Mohammad
    Sameer Niaz Mohammad says:

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to find music like this that work great with motion graphics and not some electronic music that’s always surfacing the web.

  13. Lucia España
    Lucia España says:

    Hi! I cant get to see what you do in 12:55 to 13, could you explain me, please? Good tutorial, by the way 🙂

  14. Ceren Gobelez
    Ceren Gobelez says:

    Great video! Only thing is im stuck with 11:19, I said add trim path but i don’t see a trim path at the end of the letter layers.. I have trim path in each letter’s layer. How can i solve this? Otherwise do i have to set each one by one ?

  15. Steve Quinn
    Steve Quinn says:

    What’s so great about this TipTut video?
    • Actual clear narration
    • No distraction background music
    • Actually show WHY you’re doing things not just providing blind follow-along
    • Well edited, no uhms and ahhs and nonsense
    • Perfect pacing
    Really smartly done and informative. Thank you for understanding what sucks about sooooo many Tuts, and doing NONE of that.

  16. Terry Cole
    Terry Cole says:

    thanks so much! really appreciate you teaching the fundamentals instead of the direct instructions to make one project

  17. Naresh Yadav
    Naresh Yadav says:

    I m glad I found this channel, you are one of the best tutor on explaining well how the motion graphics work .I m learning a lot.

  18. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    Hi!! Thanks for the tutorial! I’m a beginner in After Effects (literally just opened AE for the first time like a week ago.) I was playing with the Graph Editor and wondering why my graph looked different from yours – it was an "S" shape going up rather than a bell shape.

    I think it would make your tutorial better if you keep beginners in mind 🙂
    (Although it was fun finding out for myself)

    For those who are wondering too:
    "Two types of graphs are available in the Graph Editor: value graphs, which show property values; and speed graphs, which show rates of change of property values. "
    – Adobe Help Center

    You can toggle between the two by clicking on one of the buttons at the bottom of the graph editor that says "choose graph type and options".

    (I’m using AE 2018 CC)

  19. Mindsmog - Minecraft
    Mindsmog - Minecraft says:

    My god why havent i found you earlyer my whole life just flashed infront of my eyes you are the best human being alive on this planet. Thanks for being here and teaching us! SUB ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  20. Gabriel Dreemurr
    Gabriel Dreemurr says:

    Just after you said that about not going to be "click this do that you don’t learn shit" (well, you didn’t say it like that but in my mind it was like that) I insta subscribed. I hate those "tutorials" where at the very beginning they tell you "Now lets create our document in height you are going to type 768 and here where it says width you are going to type 1366" fuck them what If I wanna do my project 4 freaking K Hyper HD Dolby HDR Dolby Digital 7.1 3D Surround and Knuckles.

  21. CarloLeL
    CarloLeL says:

    How do you make it that all the usless "Letters" disappear and the Start and the End is still there without disappearing ?


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