Illustrator Tutorial: How to create a simple ribbons or banners

Illustrator Tutorial: How to create a simple ribbons or banners

This short tutorial demonstrates the simplest way of creating Ribbons/ banners in Adobe Illustrator. This easy to follow tutorial helps you understand the steps involved in creating ribbons/ banners from scratch in illustrator. After watching this tutorial you will be able to create your own ribbons/ banner in a very short amount of time.

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20 replies
  1. Mayor mat
    Mayor mat says:

    THANK U<THANK <U you are the best.u should see the other assholes trying to teach this, u need a phd in math to to do i their way..

  2. bossman696
    bossman696 says:

    I had no idea you could warp objects as well in Illustrator! I guess I have spent to many years using Indesign and Photoshop alone!

  3. jorge davalos
    jorge davalos says:

    background music in tutorials has to go, honestly!, i dont know who taught it was a good idea!.. good tutorial though

    JUSTME says:

    How do you do transparent text in ribbon.
    So when you put ribbon with text on diferent backgrounds the color of text stays the same as background and color of ribbon does not change.

  5. Lina Moreno
    Lina Moreno says:

    This was really helpful. Doing ribbons used to take me such a lot of time, but this is fast, simple and lovely! Thank you so much! 😀


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