Illustrator to After Effects Workflow: Vector Icon Animation Design

Illustrator to After Effects Workflow: Vector Icon Animation Design

We will be taking a look at how to properly design icons and vector graphics in Illustrator that will be ready for motion design. This tutorial covers the workflow process between Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. This tutorial covers how to create an object in Illustrator and step it up in After Effects. The final step covers how to copy each path into a shape layer inside of After Effects for Animation!

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50 replies
  1. Vincent J. Newman
    Vincent J. Newman says:

    Giving myself a crash course in AE this week so this video helped a lot 🙂 people complaining that he is talking too fast i prefer these quick videos at least you can easy rewind and watch the bits that you might not have got the first time that’s the beauty of the Youtube’s!

  2. e-home production
    e-home production says:

    Your channel is growing way faster.Last time when I visited your channel it was 40k subs but now its heading towards 70K. That is amazing!

  3. 치자피즈
    치자피즈 says:

    mine cannot bring with the vector even I clicked composition – retain layer sizes. when I zoom in after effects, i can see pixels are broken. Do you know how to solve this problem and bring the clean vector layer?

  4. Jarod Skye
    Jarod Skye says:

    How come when I right click on my layer, once imported into AE, it doesn’t give me option to Create Shapes from Vector Layers?!

  5. Chris Ronan
    Chris Ronan says:

    @sonduckfilm – you make awesome tutorials. Thank you so much! I’m curious – do you find the way you brought in the illustrator document to AE vs releasing layers to sequence in illustrator a better workflow for you? I see the advantages of how you did it where you converted to shape layers once you moved he file over.

  6. Calligraphy Masters
    Calligraphy Masters says:

    cool video mate! can you look in youtube for video called supers4upen neon and explain how that animation is made? 😊great channel btw, keep the good work 😉 ✌

  7. Anand Kuwadekar
    Anand Kuwadekar says:

    Hello. I am looking to create a short video of about 10 seconds. I am able to start with white background for the composition but I want to change the background color to say blue from 6 seconds. Will you be able to advise?

  8. Bogdan Mihaita Prisacariu
    Bogdan Mihaita Prisacariu says:

    Great video ! You forgot to mention that is important to manage the groups in illustrator first

  9. Philip Harper
    Philip Harper says:

    😱 HELP! When I import from Illustrator via "Import Kind: Footage" > Create Shapes from Vector Layer. Each shape layer’s bounding box is the size of the overall composition—rather than it’s own individual shape. Anyone got any ideas on how I can change the size of the bounding boxes to fit the actual occupied space?

  10. dorita behar
    dorita behar says:

    thank you for your tutorial is great but you don’t explain-when you import AI file to AE composition you import it as footage or composition?

  11. Brentalonious Monk
    Brentalonious Monk says:

    Let me just say… FINALLY!!!! Someone who has a tutorial and actually uses a compressor on their voice! Nice and loud and consistent. You don’t know how many tutes I have gone thru where the volume is really low and the consistency goes loud to soft and so on. So much so it makes it hard to follow. Even Adobe has this problem with their tutorials. Kudos to you! Oh and thanks for the good tutorial!

  12. Studio Grafico Padova di Flora Vincenzo
    Studio Grafico Padova di Flora Vincenzo says:

    sorry but when I import Ai file or Pdf or Eps, after eff and premiere lower resolution!!

  13. WishMaker
    WishMaker says:

    Great tutorial (as always)! However, when I used "Change vector layer to shapes," it only created outlines, not the full shapes. The image I’m trying has fills, strokes, & gradients that would be a pain to recreate in AE, do you know how to fix this (and why it didn’t happen to you)? Thanks in advance!


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