How to Publish an Interactive InDesign documents for the Web

How to Publish an Interactive InDesign documents for the Web

come and join shows us as Terry White, such as publishing, interactive InDesign documents for the web.

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  1. Seth Merriam
    Seth Merriam says:

    Can this be used to put HTML in the body of an email for an email blast? Does this produce an HTML file?

  2. Marcus Aliaga
    Marcus Aliaga says:

    Great video! I have a question. If I created a previous file (lookbook) for print on ID with no animations, am I able to then publish that file online and add animations?
    Thank you.

  3. ThisandThat
    ThisandThat says:

    Nice feature… totally hamstrung by the requirement to sustain paid subscription and only hosted via adobe servers. doh.

  4. matthew stelfox
    matthew stelfox says:

    Hi. Can anybody help me. I’m trying to create an interactive epub with a section that has a drop down menu. Is there and way for an answer to pop up depending on what selection they choose from the dropdown box. If anyone can help It would be much appreceated.

  5. Vesselin Kolev
    Vesselin Kolev says:

    Actually, poligon tool has an option to drow a triangle… double clik and you will be ablle to change the number of sides you want.

  6. Mohammad Ramzan
    Mohammad Ramzan says:

    Hi dude, can you post a video on adobe indesign running headers (dictionary style: first entry of each page on top left of the page and last entry of the page on top right of the page), thanx


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