How to Make a Transparent Background on for Free

How to Make a Transparent Background on for Free

How to make a transparent background for free on Canva. In this episode of Canva Tips and Tricks, I am going to walk through the process of downloading a photo with a transparent background. You will also be using to help finish the process.


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50 replies
  1. Nathan Watts
    Nathan Watts says:

    When we go to save the image from canva it does not give us the option to download it as a high quality png.

  2. Harun Selcuk
    Harun Selcuk says:

    I just have tried it with my image with the size 1080 : 2340. Problem: When i klick to make the background transparent, the Scale image automatically also changes into a random one.
    But i just need the Scale Image of 1080:2340, so what can i do to get a transparent background?

  3. Juan Colome
    Juan Colome says:

    great tut – how do we reduce the canvas size ? the logo is created at 350 x 350 and would like for it to be just the text size, if that makes sense ?

    Thanks again

  4. Adam Perez
    Adam Perez says:

    Thanks for the tip! I used lunapic and when I made the logo transparent, it also made the text/font IN the logo transparent as well. I just want the exterior of the logo to be transparent. Is there a workaround for that? Thabks

  5. Edwin Gachi
    Edwin Gachi says:

    I can’t believe i wasted 3 hours with gimp trying to cut the background out. Eric your method took me less than 5 minutes bro! Thank you!

  6. Andy Wan
    Andy Wan says:

    Eric Lafleche Wow awesome mad skills nice, hey does lunapic save the image back to the same folder it was uploaded from

  7. Ishan Purekar
    Ishan Purekar says:

    Good one, I would also recommend you to look at this new thing I found, ZenFotomatic ( the prices are lower than clippingmagic, and for me it seems like it’s superfaster and more precise.

  8. Maja Kolpe
    Maja Kolpe says:


  9. Jay Weinstein
    Jay Weinstein says:

    Great video, Eric. But it didn’t work for me. I tried to use it on my logo. First, "high quality png" was not an option on Canva, just png. When I saved the file to my computer, it said that it was a png file, but looked like the original with the white backing. When I uploaded it to my website, it looked like the original logo file with the white backing. Not transparent. Any advice? Do I need to upload any software to properly save the png file on my computer? Thanks. Jay


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