How to import and EDIT a Motion Graphics Template (.MOGRT) file in the Essential graphics panel?

How to import and EDIT a Motion Graphics Template (.MOGRT) file in the Essential graphics panel?

Learn how to import a Motion Graphics Template (.MOGRT FILE) in the Essential graphics panel?

How to make a template and export it? Check PART I (Video made by Premiere GAL)

You can only use this template if you did upgrade to Premiere Pro CC 2017 (April Spring Update). Try, buy or upgrade Premiere Pro CC:

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50 replies
  1. EssenTricTech
    EssenTricTech says:

    When I import a motion graphics file from the presents already present it shows nothing in the preview…. Please help me someone please

  2. Camilo Caro Studios
    Camilo Caro Studios says:

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible, to know what equipment is used to record the sound, for example the microphone, which it marks and reference is.

  3. Paul Couch
    Paul Couch says:

    I hope this hasn’t already been covered, but I’m stuck with PP CC 2017.0.2 at work. Is it possible to import .mogrt files into earlier versions than 2017.1. please?

  4. Testimonial Video
    Testimonial Video says:

    Is there a way to organize Motion Graphics in folders?

    I know the moment I hit play on ORANGE83 that my problem WILL be solved 😀


  5. Kamran Muradlı
    Kamran Muradlı says:

    Now I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 and there is no any bar in Essential Graphichs to change font. How can I change the font of mogrt in premiere pro without aftereffects?

  6. Feis Reiling
    Feis Reiling says:

    Hoi! Ik ben onlangs gaan experimenteren met .MOGRT files uit AfterEffects. Dat gaat allemaal prima. Ik heb echter wat problemen met het importeren in Premiere. Via de import manier die je laat zien in de video gaat dit goed, maar dan komt het in de essential graphics map dat zorgt voor een en al chaos. Heb je misschien tips over hoe je het gestructureerder kan importeren als je veel files .morgt files hebt om mee te werken. denk aan; een mappen structuur met lowerthird animaties / titles / intro/ outro per opdrachtgever en dan deze map direct importeren maar ook kunnen delen. Alvast dank!

  7. Harvey RIvas
    Harvey RIvas says:

    Why is there a complain like this “This motion graphics template was created in After effects. To use this template in premiere pro please install AE and retry.”? I already have my after effects installed in my pc

  8. Kamran Naseer
    Kamran Naseer says:

    sir import template in adobe premier 2018 but essential graphics disappears please tell me the setting which reset essential graphics

  9. evanteel00
    evanteel00 says:

    awesome man … i spent the whole weekend trying figure out how to use motion graphic templates . woke up this morning and all it took was finding your video and now i know how .. great job! u explained how to do this much better than any of the other 20 + videos i watched over the weekend . Thank you !

  10. Josh Elness
    Josh Elness says:

    It would be amazing if you could make this template useable for a Vertical Video! I tried to use this for my Vertical Video and the template is out of place because of that! @orange83

  11. hi hi
    hi hi says:

    I used your lower third and added it to the essential graphics but when I drop it into the timeline I get an error message saying that my computer doesn’t have these fonts installed and Adobe will have to substitute it. when I substitute it the lower third comes out all wacky​ and doesn’t look like it’s suppose to look. Is there a way I can fix this problem?

  12. Vanderhart
    Vanderhart says:

    Every time i try to import an .mogrt premiere crashes… Idk why but i have the last version and never happened anything

    NBW DOUGHBOY says:

    I see that you use the Sony 6500. This is the Camera that I really have my eyes on for its Amazing Cinematic Shot Capabilities. I really want to use this camera for Cinematic Shots & Vlogging. Can you say anything about the Battery Life and overheating. I’ve heard its Really Bad.

  14. Neo300002
    Neo300002 says:

    Why do some mogrt files, like yours, go into the timeline and don’t need rendering to playback properly, but others, turn the top of the timeline red, and have to be rendered to playback decent? Is it how they were made or the complexity of the mogrt? Thank you for the video and the file!


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