How To: Design A Line Of Art Logo | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to: Design A line of art Logo | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial,

How to Design A line art Logo | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial.

Hi guys, long time no see!!
So, today I will Show you how to design a online-art-logo.
I’m going to start with a camping trip, elements, symbols, and assemble them into a single, weight of the line, the type of the coat-of-arms-logo-design.

I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to leave a like, subscribe and let me deisgn in relation to the question in the comment section.

Thank you!!!!!

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Background birds:
Dawn Chorus” By Sean.Townsend
licensed under CC BY 2.0

50 replies
  1. Videoart Ph
    Videoart Ph says:

    I learned a lot from you. I successfully made my first logo design this 2018 with your technique. Thank you so much. My client is very happy with the outcome.

  2. Hope Kanz
    Hope Kanz says:

    Hello Achraf i’m really glad to follow your videos seriously i took many thing from u and i really appreciate your work you do <3
    anyway i’m working for my videos on youtube it will be about Veganism and the health care and i’m thinking abouit my Logo channel i have no idea what to made my channel will be called HOPEكنز zith arabic and english letter so do you have any ideas how to use ARAbic words cause it’s so hard to dual with this topic
    and thank you a lot from my heart 🙂
    love and passion

  3. Nikos Vlachos
    Nikos Vlachos says:

    Just a small tip. You should do the tutorial without any fills in the shapes (trees, wood logs) and create the shapes using pathfinder because if someone wants to use it on a colored background he will either have to match the fill color to the background color or remove the fill and realize that the design has issues.

  4. Tiara Kartika
    Tiara Kartika says:

    i m new to illustrator, how you do that stroke to make that stars, it just didnt work out for me, help

  5. Juleon Asefi
    Juleon Asefi says:

    @ 4:31 seconds, you say "now drag the live widgets" I have the selection tool enable, but all i see when I click on the star are the anchor points. Not the so called "live widgets", is there something I am not considering?

  6. EnchantedEpee
    EnchantedEpee says:

    I can’t seem to make the lines in the mountains balanced, how do you do that again? When I drag the line, the old line disappears. I am using Mac, so the Microsoft quick keys will not work on my computer. 1:56

  7. Aaron S
    Aaron S says:

    Awesome video, but how do I get the widgets to show up when transforming the star to look more circular? Cheers.

  8. IXEN
    IXEN says:

    omg man 😮 you made everything looks ridiculous and i though it would be hard to make these shapes
    thank you subbed for you <3

  9. DanDoHyung1214
    DanDoHyung1214 says:

    Hello, I am a huge fan of your designs. I have one question though, I am starting a graphic designing business, can you give me some tips and basic instructions in running this type of business? Thank you very much

  10. Kerrin Osborne
    Kerrin Osborne says:

    this tutorial taught me something awesome in less than 20 minutes than my course has taught me in 3 weeks

  11. robingerard7
    robingerard7 says:

    Hi, I’m new to logo design as I’m having to design my own. I love your videos and they are really helpful but I get confused, in this video you use strokes and type without expanding or outlining the text. Is this okay for logos, I can’t seam to find answers online as to whether you do or not. Thanks x

  12. The Pink Pistol
    The Pink Pistol says:

    Hey if you used Blend Shapes for the horizontal stroke you’d have more control over the whole shading of that side. Rather than going back, deleting and adjusting the distance, you can start from the top and bottom of the shape with two identical strokes and change the amount of steps and then the thickness of the strokes. You could even vary it by making one line thinner to basically fade to a darker one.

  13. Neslihan Güner
    Neslihan Güner says:

    Thank you for sharing this great work. Very creative. One thing only that l’d like to comment is that I’d leave more space between the two texts to make it easier for eye to read and to distinguish.

  14. George Flame
    George Flame says:

    The axes aren’t aligned with the campfire properly.(left one is a bit of by a few pixels)For anyone watching , group the campfire,place the axes left and right of it(without grouping them), select all three and go to align tab(press the menu>show options>align to) and choose align to key selection.

    While the three are selected,press alt+click on the campfire.(this will highlight it) Go again to align tab and in distribute spacing(one of the extra options appeared in the "show options" step) write the value you want for spacing and press the horizontal distribute spacing button(the one right next to the value’s box). Increase/decrease as you may like.Finally,align vertically to have them all centred.

    With this,you will have a correctly centred logo with no asymmetries

  15. Aiman Mansour
    Aiman Mansour says:

    Why the axe felt like different when I flipped it ?
    The two tops of the axe won’t be alined although the space is balanced ?


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