How to Cut Out ANYTHING in Photoshop (10 Tips and Tricks for Making Difficult Selections and Masks)

How to Cut Out ANYTHING in Photoshop (10 Tips and Tricks for Making Difficult Selections and Masks)

TEN TIPS & TRICKS FOR MAKING SELECTIONS! | Learn each of these styles in several minutes or less! | We will cover basic, intermediate, and advanced methods for making selections in Photoshop

Adobe Stock photo used in this tutorial:

00:35 I. Start every selection with Quick Selection
03:35 II. Use Select and Mask to cut out hair
07:14 III. bonus tip: Getting back to the older Refine Edge feature
08:58 IV. Poly Lasso tool + tips and tricks for straight selections
12:42 V. The mighty Pen Tool
16:54 VI. Using a channel to create a complex selection
22:54 VII. Calculations for complex selections w/ lots of straight lines
26:19 VIII. Color Range to create selections based on color or tone
29:09 IX. Quick Mask tools to paint selections FAST
31:13 X. What do I do once I have a selection?
32:26 XI. Defringe your selections and objects for amazing edges

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Learn to make virtually ANY selection and cut out anything you would even need in Photoshop. We’ll make simple, straight-line selections with the Poly Lasso tool, we’ll select car parts with the Pen Tool and edit the path, we’ll use Calculations to create extremely intricate and difficult selections VERY quickly, we’ll learn to use and work with Select and Mask as well as Refine Edge, we’ll build a selection based on a single channel, and SO much more! You will learn everything you need to know about one of the most important aspects of using Photoshop: Creating Selections and Cutting Stuff Out!

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50 replies
  1. Greg Abbott
    Greg Abbott says:

    Are you kidding me??? It’s an instructional video not a speed reading contest!!!! Dude,,, bring it down a notch, please!!

  2. Chantal Cain
    Chantal Cain says:

    I just downloaded the 7 free days of photoshop cc 2018 and am trying to do your tutorial today. But the selection tool is acting weird. I have photoshop elements 13 and know how the quick selection tool works, but in this version, I try to make the selection larger and it jumps to select the whole image. I use ctrl z and it puts me back where I was but I can’t finish the selection the way I want because of the full screen grab. What’s wrong???

  3. Zahra loves bts
    Zahra loves bts says:

    Do a tutorial with A REAL BACKGROUND.. Not a solid Grey one
    We usually need to cut ppl from messy backgrounds and not Grey ones. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Mike Demsia
    Mike Demsia says:

    How do you do the quick spot zoom thing your doing to show us something upclose. Is that a photoshop function, or something your doing when editing the video?

  5. Dr. FartiliciouslyNutritious
    Dr. FartiliciouslyNutritious says:

    When i do both the methods shown here in this video with the woman it causes a pixelated thanos like snap my finger disintegration kind of mask. Can someone explain to me why this happens?

  6. Ian Graves
    Ian Graves says:

    I’ve been working professionally for over 25 years (or since photoshop 2.0) and the best way to cut out hair like that is with “select/colour range…”.
    I was taught to cut out the rest of the figure with the pen tool but for the hair I would just make a very rough selection that included the outside edge of the hair and then go to colour range where it’s just a simple matter to select everything but the hair. You would exit colour range with a marching ants selection which you would use by pressing delete to remove the background and leave just the hair. I’ve probably cut out thousands of heads like this.
    A word of warning, trying to mask a girl with long brown curly hair blowing in the wind who is stood in an autumnal forest is the most horrible job I ever got!

  7. Jess _D19
    Jess _D19 says:

    I think you’re great, I mean, you explain a lot of things and details that anyone doesn’t do usually…But for me, an italian girl, it’s too difficult to understand your english..U talk too fast! XD

  8. Cody Achter
    Cody Achter says:

    No way around using the Pen Tool if you want a pro selection you’re going to have to put in the time using the Pen Tool.

  9. I'm Curious
    I'm Curious says:

    Full of great tips and tricks, but narrative is too fast, (I only speak english) and steps not explained thoroughly. What the video did was made me aware of the various techniques you demonstrated and therefore look for other videos by other youtubers to see if they demonstrated in an easy to understand format. I gave it a like nontheless because it did increase my awareness of various methods.


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