How to Create a Simple Lower Third Intro Animation (Adobe After Effects CC Motion Graphics Tutorial)

How to Create a Simple Lower Third Intro Animation (Adobe After Effects CC Motion Graphics Tutorial)

Learn how to create a clean lower thirds animation in Adobe After Effects CC 2017 for adding intro titles or social media handles to your projects with this tutorial!

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50 replies
  1. 18th Hour Productions
    18th Hour Productions says:

    Awesome tutorial. You are clear, concise and awesome at explaining everything in all of your tutorials. Keep up the good work!

    BNG LAFC says:

    I’m getting file sizes in the 1-2gb range for lower thirds like this ranging from 4-8 seconds. Is this normal? How can I shrink file size without giving up too much quality? (all I’m doing is RGB+Alpha and muting the sound on the clip before exporting)

  3. tzippy rand
    tzippy rand says:

    AMAZING!!! Thank you sooo much!!!! I loved it!Can you please show us how to flip an object in after effects?Thank you again!

  4. selector Anthony
    selector Anthony says:

    Hey bruh great work to your channel and got to admit im amazed…anyhow i was wondering if you no of any sites that i can probably download some free lower thirds /Templates ???

  5. ParaCide Reviews
    ParaCide Reviews says:

    I can not find the track matte option. Is there another way I can find it? Other then that, very nice tutorial.

    Edit: oh never mind I found it, if anybody else has the same problem just make sure you click on "toggle switches/modes" then another "none" button can pop up and you’ll be able to do alpha inverted…etc

  6. Luis Delgado
    Luis Delgado says:

    Great Niche market you are targeting.
    I LOVE your videos.
    Keep up the good work and eventually (if you have not done it yet) put all your knowledge together to create a small webinar which you will charge for and market in your social media.
    100k followers should get you at least 100 people to sign up in a monthly basis if marketed properly as "Justin Oldisho University" or what ever you want to call it lol

    100 people X $______ membership/product = X_____ your desired outcome.
    That’s what I would do if a goal was to market and make a revenue of income doing what you are already Doing.

    You really do make great starter videos, And I would pay for a webinar from you.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Tuwanda Peters
    Tuwanda Peters says:

    This helped me! However when I pull it into Premier Pro, my fonts are in transparency and not the solid color I made it. What am I doing wrong?

  8. montgal52
    montgal52 says:

    Superb tutorial. It was clear and you took "your time" in going through the steps, which is key. Many of the tutorials on YouTube do not instruct well by not going through the actual steps in AE. I have just subscribed to your channel. I am looking forward to more advanced tutorials.

  9. Weirdo
    Weirdo says:

    what do I do if I want a gradient colour in the rectangle? (just make a large gradient image in Photoshop and import in AE and scale it down?)

  10. pocwiczcycu
    pocwiczcycu says:

    Really good tutorial what I did extra since letters being black or transparent before the word turn white bothered me was double blue layer and put white the one delayed in between now it’s perfect same with the other box

  11. digwillhachi
    digwillhachi says:

    its worth mentioning that not allformats render alpha. If you don’t have the rgb alpha option available choose a different format.

  12. Lensroam
    Lensroam says:

    thanks for these! I have had AE for a while…but just was never good at it (because I never used it much). But getting back into it, I want to learn more and these help a lot. Simple but they stack onto the skills accumulated to eventually go into my own projects with no tutorial needed. More AE tutorials! Thanks man


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