How do you Define the size of the image in Adobe Premiere Pro

How do you Define the size of the image in Adobe Premiere Pro

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  1. jacknapyer
    jacknapyer says:

    dude. this is a life saver! I’m doing stop motion and it’s been a pain having to scale and resize and i never even THOUGHT to do this. now it seems so obvious. thanks a million!!!!!!!!

  2. Tamiz_Films
    Tamiz_Films says:

    Hey man this tut helped me alot. Got a question please. I put two logo images on a video so they appear as watermarked logos, but it appears that adding these images significantly increases export time. Like 2 mins export without image, and 30+ mins with. What am i missing. Thanks

  3. chickentuna
    chickentuna says:

    how to disable the image stretch? If I drag drop an image in 1920×1080 sequence the 1440×1080 the width is stretch how do I prevent that? I have adobe premiere pro cs6

  4. Gabe Cuello
    Gabe Cuello says:

    Im really glad to have found this.. I was wondering though, is there a way to have all images/videos be imported as their true size automatically vs me changing the frame size or accidently forgetting to do this?

  5. Kuro Sparda
    Kuro Sparda says:

    but i cant cut my image… do i add blurred background on the sides then? sigh so hard to find this info on youtube…


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