Animation Adobe Flash Training Edmonton Private flash training in Calgary

Adobe Flash is the leading software programme for producing multimedia applications. In this free online course you will learn in a step-by-step manner how to use the Flash interface, how to create basic ActionScript code, and how to incorporate video into Flash.


Enable you to make flash projects with ease. Upon completion of this course you will understand the Flash interface and all its features such as the selection, pen, text, line, rectangle, brush, oval, paint, eye dropper tools and much more.

Course Content

  • Learn to use Movie Clip Symbols in Flash CC.
  • Learn the basics of ActionScript.
  • Learn to working with Sound and Video in Flash CS6.
  • Learn to use Flash Components.
  • Learn to load and control Flash Content.
  • Learn to publish Flash to multiple outputs.
  • Vector graphics.
  • Motion tween, shape
  • Introduction to Action Script