FIFA 19 | Career Mode Goalkeeper | EP2 | OFFICIAL DEBUT

FIFA 19 | Career Mode Goalkeeper | EP2 | OFFICIAL DEBUT

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50 replies
  1. michal rozik
    michal rozik says:

    I think there is ab option that is called speed of play, or something like that if you put it at fast you will get more shots

  2. Earlon Lon
    Earlon Lon says:

    You should do goalkeeper training to grow your overall and check out someone who as good goalkeeper sliders to make the game more entertaining

  3. Damien
    Damien says:

    Two yellow cards in one game. Is a red card. If you get a ref card you are liked kicked out of the game your playing. And the next game.

  4. Clay Caldwell
    Clay Caldwell says:

    This series is going to be an awesome series, I love soccer/football!!! Its going to take some getting used to your lack of knowledge though. Also Offside is when a player gets behind the last defender before the ball is kicked to them.

  5. Eagle Strike
    Eagle Strike says:

    Love you content and I really like how you are really nice because I feel welcomed at this channel I barely come across a YouTuber like that

  6. CxCurtis
    CxCurtis says:

    Use the training function to get bet stats so that you get better and worth more and other clubs will become interested so that when the transfer window opens you can request to transfer and move to a better club and league where more stuff happens.

  7. Brandon Wells
    Brandon Wells says:

    I’m impressed you know Futsal. Yes you can go to a big club Finn you just have to wait for the transfer window in January or July-August.

  8. Scorpio Xtr.
    Scorpio Xtr. says:

    First off to get you started: a good height for a keeper is 6”4, make sure his play style is acrobatic, and make sure to do goalkeeper training . Extra tip: during a 1V1 situation to rush a player hold down Traingle. During corners holding down triangle will also make your keeper either go out to punch it or catch it. Good luck 🙂

  9. Nick Davis
    Nick Davis says:

    You can tinker with the sliders, particularly the pass and shot error chances which can be done in settings. This makes it so that you will get more chances.

  10. iStrong
    iStrong says:

    The box in front of you is called the penalty area. The goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball inside that box everywhere, but not outside it. If the handles it outside the box it’s a handball foul and the opposing team gets a free kick. Also any fouls committed by the defending team inside the penalty area is an automatic penalty kick. That’s why it’s called the penalty area 🙂 Also the cards… Most ordinary fouls are not card worthy such as the usual trip or push or mistackle, but if a player does it too often, or makes a severe-ish foul he gets a yellow card, which is also known as a warning. Red cards are usually awarded to the most severe fouls, which can injure the opposing player or for unsportsmanlike behavior. A red card is an automatic ejection and also the player has to sit out the next game. In most leagues there’s also a rule about accumulating too many yellow cards, which also results in a player missing a few games. And yes, 2 yellows equal a red.

  11. CxCurtis
    CxCurtis says:

    In football the score of your game allows you to get a certain amount of points in your league. A win = 3 points a draw(tie) =1 point and if you lose you don’t get any points that’s why ties still are place

  12. SportHugo
    SportHugo says:

    Hi Finn, it’s Hugo! Loving your videos and here are more suggestions for you!
    At 11:27 be careful don’t get outside of the box once you pick up the ball cause it will cause you a yellow or a red card and a free kick to the other team.
    Players might get a yellow card for:
    Tackling, pulling others shirt/shirt, arguing with the referee about previous fouls, disrespecting the referee/players/coaches/linesman, you will also get a yellow card for taking off your shirt during goal celebrations😂
    You might get a red card for:
    Tackling from behind, last man tackling, unsportsmanlike behavior.

  13. Onjoy Mahmood
    Onjoy Mahmood says:

    If you play on a really high level for a couple years, you may go to the Premier League. Also to learn more about soccer, you may want to watch some of the European leagues that are nationally televised in the U.S. on major networks such as NBC and FOX Sports


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