Fake Obama created using AI video tool – BBC News

Fake Obama created using AI video tool – BBC News

Researchers at the University of Washington have produced a photorealistic former US President Barack Obama.
Artificial intelligence was used to precisely model how Mr Obama moves his mouth when he speaks.
Their technique allows them to put any words into their synthetic Barack Obama’s mouth.

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  1. Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX says:

    We’re developing a technology don’t use it for bad things

    ….Uses it for bad things
    I find it so stupid how everyone just jumps to conclusions that people WILL use this for bad things. The negative thinking of this world is Scary not this technology there is always gonna be bad people that do bad things because it’s it their nature

  2. Stefan Mollov
    Stefan Mollov says:

    Photoshopping images was available many years ago. And it is exactly as worrying and identifiable as this. I think people commenting here are bitching too much.

  3. JamesClerk Maxwell
    JamesClerk Maxwell says:

    See the the movie "Hoaxed:The Media’s War on Truth" when it comes out.

    This has and is being done with still photos. A violation of a narrative and the violator does not have resources for recourse, Photoshoping will be done to change a facial expression to fit the narrative. This will also be done to easy targets of opportunity too. A lot of highly unethical things are in common practice in today’s media.

  4. logitechSDAZ
    logitechSDAZ says:

    What will happen within the next 20 years? The technology will improve to a point where you won’t be able to figure out the real Obama from the fake one. The implications? A random disgruntled woman who hates her ex husband and wants to see him suffer even though he’s done nothing to break the law? Said woman decides to make a fake video where her ex beats the living crap out of a child. It will happen eventually, just watch. What might have looked like a "cartoon" in 2018 will turn into indistinguishable reality eventually.

    Sure China’s new AI news anchors that just debuted a few days ago still don’t look real in 2018 (weird facial ticks eye movements, etc). It is slowly getting closer though. Eventually the tech will improve exponentially to where you won’t be able to tell the real individual from the fake one anymore.

    I think 2038 is a reasonable explanation of when it will be very difficult to look at a real person and an AI one side by side and tell a difference. All the "uncanny valley" kinks will be ironed out by then and AI will essentially look like the real deal. We live in a world where in 20 years time, we can equate the graphical, framerate, AI differences between Ocarina of Time to Horizon Zero Dawn. The complexity of video game tech in 20 years time is a huge leap. The same will happen in 20 years with this unrealistic, cartoony AI tech slowly morphing into seemingly "real" humanlike behaviors.

  5. Jeremy Zhang
    Jeremy Zhang says:

    "All technology can be used in negative ways. We should all try to work towards making sure that’s not going to happen."
    Name one time in history it has NOT happened lmao. It’s gonna happen

  6. KanalDerGutenSache
    KanalDerGutenSache says:

    If you still think you can tell real and fake apart; that woman is not real. She is actually a bot voiced by Obama.

  7. greg bradford
    greg bradford says:

    It’s all being done in CGI and the proof is overwhelming… Part 1 Nixon Beatty Unmasked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFbiFH4qngg&list=PLF0Y-HT-3JNyptJs-Nu-YQM4qEixag9_W. Part 2 Irrefutable evidence of CGI matrix masking elements being used in the fade up from black, in Frank Gannon’s, Real Nixon 28 Days.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbNf9g6eX-M&list=PLF0Y-HT-3JNyptJs-Nu-YQM4qEixag9_W&index=2. as soon as we posted the evidence Frank Gannon’s fraud production disappeared!

  8. Sovereignty Project
    Sovereignty Project says:

    Bad example to use Obama. Like all politicians, whatever they say is fake, so it does not matter whether it is live or Memorex.

  9. vitorfray
    vitorfray says:

    If you know how to reverse engineer it perceive yhat it is faked, then you certainly also know how to improve its similarity to reality by correcting these minor defects.

  10. Adumbpotato
    Adumbpotato says:

    for all the conspiracy nuts, you would have to have a lot of footage of them talking in order to realistically fake a video of them. the AI works by creating a model of the face from tons of previous sample footage of the person (Obama) and then making assumptions of mouth movements with the model. unless you have hundreds of videos of your neighbor speaking you wouldn’t be able to frame them.

  11. Michael
    Michael says:

    The BBC, the biggest under the RADAR spreaders of left wing spin. You are the TV equivalent of The Guardian except you perpetuate the myth that you are impartial and we have to pay for the privileged.

  12. Virgin BOI
    Virgin BOI says:

    just give this technology to common hands and let they decide how to use it. Do not become a god and decide yourself. Nature gave man fire to use whatever way he wish . It didn’t thought how he will use it. Same goes to the creator.

  13. Sean Romero
    Sean Romero says:

    So now, all the troglodyte trump supporters will believe this to… but won’t believe actuall auditory speech coming out of media mouths..😄😃🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂


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