Brief description

HTML is a language utilized in the creation of websites. Dreamweaver is a professional tool used by neophytes or experts to create rich and attractive websites.


The participant will gain understanding of the Internet, Dreamweaver and
the various aspects of interactive communication via the web. The
participant will be able to create a website based on his actual needs.


. The basics of Dreamweaver
. Knowledge of pre-production steps (arborescence, storyboard, wireframe)
. Differences between static and dynamic sites
. The website map, optimization and site update with Dreamweaver
. Web page properties
. Presentation of various operating modes
. Tables
. Images
. Hypertext links
. Page layout with CSS
. Sites management with Dreamweaver
. Forms
. Browser testing
. Form fields testing
. Events management with Dreamweaver


Familiarity with a computer.

Tutorial approach    

The Dreamweaver course is based on a personal approach and takes into consideration your skills, your knowledge and what you wish to learn.

Documents or material supplied  

. Computers
. Software
. Technical support

Documents or material to bring    

. USB key
. Pen and paper
. Your ideas


A private training on Dreamweaver that
really meets your needs and offers the opportunity to further your
knowledge, at your own pace. The flexible schedule is planned in
accordance to your availability.


Montreal : 514 448-0883

Quebec : 418 478-1647

Ottawa : 613 366-1743

Toronto : 416 907-8551