Data Merge in Adobe Indesign

Data Merge in Adobe Indesign

This is a useful trick for form letters, mailing labels, and also things that aren’t lame.

The voice you are hearing belongs to M.C.

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  1. Gary Milner
    Gary Milner says:

    This tutorial will save me 14 hours in the next month alone. Thanks.

    Even with a fairly basic knowledge of indesign I was able to learn this tool in about 10 minutes after watching.

  2. Marek K
    Marek K says:

    "that’s not an apostrophe", "I have no idea what that stands for", "whatever" – than go home and do your homework properly. Lasting till the end of this video is just too hard…

  3. Elaine Fath
    Elaine Fath says:

    Best tutorial voiceover.  I’m a lady and can’t stand it when other ladies do voiceovers that are are timid or dull.  Way to go.

  4. Benjamin Botting
    Benjamin Botting says:

    I think I’m in love … Brilliant

    cultural28 you surely are the most boring, dry and humour-less human in existence. Loosen your piano key tie and appreciate some humour. You too skewer324

  5. kojamoz
    kojamoz says:

    So what. It helped me out of a jam when my old mail merge program decided that it didn’t want to work any more. Thank you, I much prefer a friendly voice with some attitude that a robot sounding, over technical dweeb.

  6. ngac dang
    ngac dang says:

    Yeah,i liked everyone.long …long time ago.Everybody helped i remember and never forget.Xin chao cac Ban than thuong cua toi.

  7. Minotaur
    Minotaur says:

    so many awkward pauses and extraneous information, and this is still the shortest video for this. 😛 I don’t even want to know what lies in the other videos

  8. skewer324
    skewer324 says:

    I like your voice and your sense of humor, but as a fellow instructor, I would suggest you have a very concrete example that you’ve totally ironed out first. Practice. Rehearse. You clearly know what you’re doing, but it comes across like you don’t (and that you’re unprofessional) when you make minor mistakes and have lots of "umm"s and "blah blah blah"s.

  9. 75bunnies Media
    75bunnies Media says:

    Whenever I forget how to mail merge, I get all happy because that means I can watch this tutorial again.

  10. Edwin Roman
    Edwin Roman says:

    This video was equal parts of terrific information and humorous informality.  It got the job done! Thank you!!!!

  11. Will Quirk
    Will Quirk says:

    Helpful tutorial and as others have mentioned, the dry humour is great. Makes me wonder why all other Youtube tutorials are so serious

  12. Hilary Poeton
    Hilary Poeton says:

    Great tutorial – don’t understand the negative comments! Ah well, you can’t please everyone I suppose!

  13. Austin Retzlaff
    Austin Retzlaff says:

    This was definitely one of the most entertaining tutorials (especially given how dry the subject matter is) that I’ve seen in a while, kudos!

  14. Edwin Roman
    Edwin Roman says:

    I am responsible for producing the Dean’s List certificates at the college I work at and come back to this video once a year for a refresher. Thank you!

  15. Aira Loren
    Aira Loren says:

    Thank you for teaching me to do mail merges with InDesign. I had no idea how to approach it, and the instructions on the Adobe website were incomprehensible. Because of this video, I can complete my assignment. MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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