Create Life By Living It: How to Follow Your Dreams – #038 – The Not-So-Corporate Podcast

Create Life By Living It: How to Follow Your Dreams – #038 – The Not-So-Corporate Podcast

This week on the podcast, the gang is joined by motion graphics expert, adventurer, and outdoorsman Andrew Embury.

Andrew Embury is a motion graphic artist who believes in following your dreams, doing whatever it takes, and living life at all costs. Andrew’s career has been an incredible journey of risks and heartbreak. He shares with us his stories and the life lessons he’s picked up along the way. He is a true creative and is an inspiration to anyone struggling with breaking into motion graphics or any other creative industry. Listen up to a podcast that is far from dull!

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Twitter: @AEmbury


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2 replies
  1. Anthony Awadalla
    Anthony Awadalla says:

    Hi Mark, I feel like I waste a lot of time on some projects because I sometimes take on the agile mentality (if I understood the definition of agile correctly) when in reality I should be organizing more of my projects with the client prior to jumping into it. I need more help with processes like the waterfall theory you mentioned such as writing a storyboard and then waiting for approval before moving forward. Like a step by step plan and process.

    Sometimes the clients aren’t even exactly sure with what they want in terms of the video they want me to produce for them or other times they might like some of my previous work but don’t know how to produce or communicate what they’re trying to achieve which then makes it hard on my end to follow a waterfall type approach because me and the client aren’t on the same page.

    Or in other cases I just get too excited about the idea of gaining interest from a client that I jump into things and hit problems down the road. Do you have a system where you reduce mishaps and improve communications lines between you and your clients to produce their exact desires? For example the storyboard process you mentioned or any other insights. Much appreciated Mark!

  2. Gauthama Nair
    Gauthama Nair says:

    Good stuff! Have come to the realisation that good products(anything from novels, a stand up routine or apps) are built from excellence in process and this podcast re-emphasizes it for me.


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