Create Floor Reflections With Motion Graphics | After Effects Tutorial

Create Floor Reflections With Motion Graphics | After Effects Tutorial

This After Effects tutorial shows how to create floor reflections with your motion graphics. Creating a floor reflection allows you to enhance the value of your work and adds more depth to the scene!

Great Videohive After Effects Templates:

Five Great Logo Intros with Floor Reflections:
Ultra Energetic Logo:
Weekend Logo Revealer:
Neon Sign Kit:
Electric Intro:

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Our After Effect Light Stroke Tutorial:

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10 replies
  1. Gutmensch
    Gutmensch says:

    Looks like the floor Andrew Kramer did during his latest "glitch" tutorial 🙂
    Thanks for going more into detail!

  2. Quint Bailey
    Quint Bailey says:

    Hi Josh! I’ve been following your videos ever since I used a few of them to make different effects in my final project for Multimedia I (I got an A+!), and I want to let you know you continue to be a great source of practical, well-put together tutorials for after effects, and I thank you for that.

    I’ve noticed in your last few videos, it seems to follow a very similar format: show an effect from videohive/envato, break it down, and show how to make your own. I want to be careful and clear in that I am NOT accusing you of working for them or being secretly sponsored by them. I am however curious why it seems a large bulk of your content for the last little bit seems to stem from videohive, and furthermore, you seem to spend a lot of time reminding people in the beginning of each video that it’s totally fine to buy a pre-made effect instead of making one from scratch. I concur, but I feel more time is spent on that than is necessary.

    Furthermore, would it be out of scope to ask to label these, or make them a series? Like, this video could be "VideoHive Breakdown | Floor reflections" or something like that. I know you already have a ": After Effects" there on the end, but I think that’s implicit when you say it’s a videohive tutorial.

    *Let me be clear: I give this feedback because I enjoy your content and appreciate what you do." I wouldnt bother sharing it if I didn’t think you cared. I’m just curious about your own thought processes and creative direction, and I will continue to enjoy and watch your videos and everything that is Sonduck 🙂


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